How did this FR-64S sell for $1990?

Okay, everywhere I look is telling me that the market price for these tonearms is about $1500. I have an FR-64S in the exact same condition as this one, PLUS it hasn't even been used for the last 30 plus years. Yet I can't find anyone willing to pay this much for it.

Is it really only worth $1500 or if I put it up on audiogon or eBay would I be likely to get closer to $2000? Or was this just a one-off fluke?
The seller was "asking" $1,990. Maybe it sold for much less, who knows??

There is only one way to find out what you may get for your arm and that is to put it up for sale.
To find an FR-64s complete in its original box with all the templates, tools and in such good condition is rare.
The only rarer version is one which has 'SILVER INSIDE CABLE' on both the box AND the tonearm. These ones fetch much more.
If your FR-64s has its original box and documents and tools and accessories just like the example is worth close to $2,000.
If not.......$1500 seems the going rate?