How did I do on a small budget?

I had to buy all of my components piece by piece because I have very little extra money. It has taken me over a year to get the sub, receiver, and center channel; all were on very good sales when I got them. I am still saving up the money for the floor standing, almost there. I think I did okay but would like to know from others.

Onkyo TX-SR 505

Polk CS10

Polk TSI500

Klipsch Sub-10

Samsung s4223 - 42in Plasma

Sony 50 disk
Looks to me like you've done your homework putting together a nice surround system. Did you me front floor standers, or rears that you still need to get?
I still need to get the front floor standing; the ones I have listed are the ones that I am going to be getting.
tell us about your room size, layout, acoustics, set up, listening preferences and lifestyles, associated cables, etc. Then we can make some more concrete assessments about your choices! Otherwise, your gear, in and of itself may or may not be good choices - so it dependss.
Tools used in the right or wrong way makes ALL the difference!
The room is a downstairs/basement in a condo environment that is 15'x20'. My couch is at one end of the 20' and the entertainment center is at the total opposite side. I have not actually plugged every thing in as I am waiting for my TSI500. However I do know that I will be putting the CS10 on top of the entertainment stand which is centered on the wall and my TSI500 will be placed on each side of it, roughly 5.5' apart. We do not listen to a lot of music, country or R&B, but do watch a lot of t.v and movies, comedy and action. I have not bought any speaker wire yet but all component wires are either Acoustic Research or Rocket Fish. If you have any thoughts on a not so expensive but good quality wire, I am all ears.

Looks to me like you have done VERY WELL by yourself with a limited budget.

So now, what we all want to know is when are those Polk Audio Floorstanders will be arriving????

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