How did a bands' name originate?

I heard that the name Rush originated from their producer's anxiety from the record label to name that band.
I heard that "three dog night" originated from those in the upper northern regions needing warmth to survive the nights...…... found that not two, but three dogs were necessary to keep one person warm at night.
Duran Duran got their name from the character from the movie Barbarella, named Durand Durand, that the main character played by Jane Fonda was assigned to find. 
Pink Floyd got their name from two jazz musicians Roger (Syd) Barrett admired named Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.
Death Cab For Cutie got their name from the song performed by The Bonzo Dog Band in the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour movie scene  in which John and George go to see the gig.
Rush was actually named after the euphoria Geddy and Alex got while playing their music as teens. 
The Police were named after Stewart Copeland's father's CIA profession. 
Bad Company named themselves after they saw the Jeff Bridges western of the same name in 1972. BTW, the movie is still as good today as it was then.
The band Boston was named after a city in Massachusetts and the band Chicago was named after a city in Illinois, according to an American that I know however Buffalo Springfield was not named for Buffalo or Springfield I am told.
Is it true The Beatles name was a take on The Crickets?  
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Crosby, Stills, and Nash was named after Crosby, Stills, and Nash. 
Jethro Tull was named after ...
The dude from Beverly Hillbillies?
The Band supposedly came from the fact that everyone around Woodstock referred to them as that (they were known to be living in the Big Pink house in West Saugerties, and working with Dylan). While they were still Ronnie Hawkins’ backup band they were known as The Hawks, for the obvious reason (they liked to catch and eat rabbits, squirrels, and mice ;-) . During the early-1968 recording of their debut album, they were kicking around new names, one of them being The Crackers, a reference of course to southern rednecks. Capitol Records was not amused.
Steely Dan: Named after a dildo in the book "Naked Lunch".

From Wikipedia: "Jethro Tull invented some machinery for the purpose of carrying out his system of drill husbandry, about 1733. His first invention was a drill-plough to sow wheat and turnip seed in drills, three rows at a time."

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Lynyrd Skynyrd was named after the Principal or teacher (Leonard Skinner) at a school the Van Zant Brothers attended. 
Oh. I always thought they were named after Mitch, from the X-Files....
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In an attempt to create a mystery around the groups first hit record in 1965, "Shakin' All Over", Quality Records credited the single only to "Guess Who?"

It was hoped that the public might assume the "Guess Who?" identity was deliberately masking several famous artists that were collaborating under a pseudonym.  The name stuck.

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The (DOOBIE) Brothers...I think you can guess.?
Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham’s San Jose, California (The Doobies' hometown) garage band were originally named The Fritz Reiner Memorial Band, after the famed conductor. His estate sued, and the name was abbreviated to just Fritz. I saw them live only once, at the 1968 Santa Clara Folk Rock Festival. They were the only local band (iirc) on the bill, opening for The Electric Flag (Fantastic! Mike Bloomfield, Buddy Miles, and four saxes!) and the doors (not so hot. Kinda "lightweight". Girls’ music ;-) .
Buffalo Springfield was named after a bulldozer brand that I think Stills noticed.