How delicate (or strudy) are cartridges?

I was installing a Transfiguration Spirit cartridge on my new Well Tempered Classic turntable (purchased on Audiogon)and did a stupid thing. With the weight off while adjusting the damping, I drop the arm and cartridge hit the table unprotected. Not too hard, but enough to scare me. My problem is this. I have no comparison on what the new set up should sound like. It sounds great, but could it sound better? My comparison is a Rega to a Well Tempered. Did I damage the cartridge just enough to where I may be getting only 80% out the system. So, how much abuse can a cartridge take?
Don't worry, you didn't hurt the cartridge. How do I know? I really don't know, but you said the cartridge sounds great. If it were significantly damaged, its sound would betray a problem. It is possible that the cartridge is slightly out of whack, but careful setup can usually compensate. The only absolute way to know is to send the item back to the manufacturer, but if it sounds great now, I'd recommend waiting until you need a re-tip. BTW, the WTT is a very good product and responds very well to upgrades (black platter, carbon fiber tonearm, etc.). Enjoy!
The cantilever on the Transfiguration is likely to sheer off (break) if hit hard enough. Anything less, simply sends it to the limit of the suspension system, most likely doing no real damage. The diamond which is bonded to the cantilever is absolutely not to be concerned over. It is only possible to dislodge it, not damage it. I Hope you enjoy your "new" analog set up! The Well Tempered is a wonderful product, glad you found it here at Audiogon.