How could you go wrong for $240.01?

You gotta love it: "Buy it Now" for $.01 - $210 for shipping - then $30 to wire for 110v.

Check out the 845 amp, plus the host of others at this guy's eBay Store (out of China), including EL34, 2A3, 300B, EL84, and 6P1-based.

I came upon this and was like, these guys have got to see this. I mean, I betcha' there are loads of designs out there utilizing the exact same architecture (and possibly parts) for 10 times the cost.

I'm kinda thinking, "A little Christmas present from, uh, me?" Heck, why not at this price?

Anyhow, you guys have a good one.

Easily. The guy has a low number of feedbacks, one negative, not much of a history etc. And that's before getting the equipment. Interesting, wish it were true, but No Thanks.
I'd give it a try. For that much money you don't have much to lose. I'm sure you're right that the same amp architectures are made and sold for far more money every day.
Hey Ballywho

Good find!

As Chinese manufacturing techniques improve, I am sure that classic designs like this will be available to all of us for pennies on the dollar, compared to the usual tweaky "high end" offerings.

In the meantime, it might be a bit dicey should you ever have a problem, but I agree for $240.01, WHO CARES?

And tarsando, just curious, but ARE YOU A DEALER?
Hey, send me $240.10, and I'll send you some busted up piece of crap amp that I have kicking least you'll get something for your money!

First, the item for $0.01 is an opening bid price, not a buy it now price.

Second, don't be surprised when a) the amp never arrives, b) the parts used are BOOTLEGS, if it does arrive, c) when your "Angel Music" amp craps out shortly after arriving, go try to get it serviced. If it doesn't arrive, go try to get your money back from an unknown businessman in China

Third, China is the bootleg and product piracy capital of the world. The guy appears to have made his start by selling pirated DVD's [no boxes] back in July, and there has been no feedback in 4 months.

Fourth, the theft of intellectual property [patented circuit design] is still THEFT, no matter how you try to paint it.
Thanks Fat for saving me time replying,Bob
cwlondon...nope not a dealer. But also not a person that wants to throw $240 at something that looks pretty risky. Glad you can not care about that amount of money...Im sure it makes your life 'easier' than mine.. or.........

Ha! Good answer!

I think I was momentarily delirious with the prospect of a bargain. But maybe a similar ad with 100% feedback, at the very least, would make this worth a try.

Tarsando, sorry if I was being too cynical.
You could lose $240.01. That being said I have heard stories of electronics sold on the street in China for very low prices but as fatparrot said it may be irrepairable junk. I find it curious that we Goners don't think $250 for a piece of who knows what- is cheap, but I share your thoughts. Maybe everything else is just too expensive. Also there are potential import duties etc. that 240.01 may not be the eventual price.
And I suppose you don't care if they're ripping off someone elses design?
If it's to good to be true it almost always is.
You could get nothing. And I can do better than that For $240 I will sell you a genuine lightly used Nagaoka Kill-A-Volt.
Battery included.
Read again! $500 buy it now not .01! He lists both .01 and buy it now. The 845 is listed both ways.

Looking at the Aria Mini amp as an example. If you could actually win a auction at .01 (very doubtful) pay 65 shipping and actually receive the amp then it would be a hell of a deal.

At the buy it now price on the Mini of $140 and $65 shipping I wouldn't do it. The Aria mini is a Rebadged Yarland FV34CIII amp, which I happen to own, that you can buy from Cattylink for $100 plus shipping.

The guy's feedback is all from selling what looks like bootleg DVD's and there are only 7 feedbacks with a 87.5% rating, I Would look elsewhere.

Look guys, I guess I just figured that in an age when folks spend loads of cash on everything from bags of sand, to jars of rocks, to wooden discs, $240+ on a tube amp wouldn't be all that crazy a thing to do.

I did notice later that the $.01 was, in fact, an initial bid - he must change the things around (not a comforting thing to learn) with how his auctions are set. I know I saw one with a "Buy it Now" price of $.01, but alas, it is no more.

Regardless, in the end I think I'll put my $240+ towards that four-shelf VTI rack I've been eyeing instead of the least for now ;)

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Good thinking Mark and good luck,Bob
Let us know the results when you get it.
What results its a rack? :)
Dear all,

I am the authorized oversea contact person of Yarland. Any interested parties for any model of this amplifier, please drop me an email
The store on eBay is now closed, at least when I tried to access it...