How Cool Is My Wife!

I thought my wife was pretty cool when we moved into our new house and she said, "Honey why don't you take the best room in the house for your dedicated listening room." I thought that was pretty cool, a 27" X 14" room for my gear (And boy is it a great sounding room). Well this year I almost droped dead when for my birthday she gave me a pair of Maggie 1.6's! I know what your thinking gentlemen. She's mine and she's a keeper!
...send me her picture, and i'll tell you...ohh sorry just a bad "low-down" joke! You are a lucky man mr. My girfriend tells me every time, she see's Audiogon e-mail: " got the e-mail, from your future roomate!" oh, well...still keep your eyes open. You never know, when they are too nice hmmm... regards!
Had a girlfriend buy me a CJ PV6 for my birthday one year...shoulda proposed on the spot....
Great and good luck as you have a bright future with her! I love post like this because I show them to my girlfriend who is sort of just opening up to hifi. She does not want to be one of the wives about which the fellows are complaining. When I told her what WAF stood for she almost died!!!
My wife brings home the vinyl. Can you beat that?
My wife use to come with me to the Pacific NW Audiophile meetings every month. She was the only women attending every time! She also puts up with my HUGE Genesis 200 speaker system in our small condo in Seattle.
My wife will probably never give me that dream component,or let me have the biggest room in the house, but she always lets me set the living room up around my modest system! That is good enough for me!
Well my wife brings home the dough to buy any system upgrade I want. On top of that I can knock down any wall of the house(kitchen off limits) to accomodate my system.
You guy were so,so,so lucky had the wives like that. Me? Oh! No. Here is my story. When I bought a $15K system she always complaint me, even when I turn on my system (music) and have her listen and you know what she said : - I heard $149 a portable Aiwa cassete from my son room exactly the sound of your $15K audio system. What can I say to her???? Please advice !!!!!
Good thread Gary. When I retired (early), my wife not only let me remodel the house to combine 2 bedrooms into one listening room, but she paid for half the cost as a "retirement present". She may not understand audio weirdness, but she understands me. Craig.
My wife loses points in the stereo-friendly department. Almost always a "Can you turn that down?" when she walks in and I'm playing the stereo by myself. But when it comes to food, she more than makes up for it. So I've learned to let my taste buds provide the pleasure that was my ears' province when I was single. Can you say home-made sushi?
Hey CRT, may be your $15k system is not set up optimally and truly does'nt sound much better than an Aiwa or your wife is tone deaf.
Does she have a sister???
My s.o. has got to be one of the best. We greatly enjoy our system, but a year-and-a-half ago increasing equipment space constraints dictated our transport-dac duo had to go, in favor of one box. After lengthy auditions of CD players, we decided on the Accuphase DP55. Jo said, "I'll buy it for us." We also talked about new speakers down the road and decided on the Avalon Arcus. Last fall she bought them as "thanks" for helping make her home-based biz a success. I don't think it gets much better than that. Downside: new amp and preamp come out of my pocket. Okay, okay, fair's fair. Kolson, if you had kept the relationship going, you might have ended up with a complete system! Eldragon, Crt and Jazzzman, maybe Kolson's ex is available. Barring that, our sympathy and support. Michael, bring the sushi and a good bottle of saki over to our place and we'll crank the gain. And bring your wife, Jo wants her sushi recipes. Gary and Garfish have a good thing going with the listening rooms, but Rfenol's got the best deal--he and his wife can move into the garage, turn the whole house into a listening room, have his wife completely upgrade their system, and cater a great listening party from the adjacent kitchen. Ditto Garfish, a good thread.
Gino -- I'll keep this brief as to not turn it into a food discussion. Tell Jo two words: Cooks Illustrated. Great mag and source for all things related to food. The sushi recipes, though, came from a local cooking class. Not too hard, really. Head to your nearest Asian market for basic equipment.
Guys, this just keeps getting better! Keep it coming... my wife and I are thinking about handing this thread down to our kids. There is hope yet for audiophiles of the future!
Your wife seems to be really cool.I must say that any wife who lets you have your toys without complaint is quite a wife. My wife has never really said a word about the tens of thousands that I have spent on audio gear. Of course I have bought her something nice (diamonds) almost each time I bought me something. But it's been a real enjoyment even more than the system to have someone so pleasing to be with. Kim (the little Lady) has now let me have my soundroom in the basement and the living romm because my IRS V will not fit in the basement. She is not into the music like I am, but I once heard her call the IRS's (Our Babies. IF THAT'S NOT EXCEPTING ONE FOR WHO THEY ARE,WHAT THEY LOVE,AND WHAT THEY WANT. WHAT IS? HATS OFF TO KIM and all the good women like her.
Michael--Thanks. Gary--There is hope right now! Testsp--Looks like you're ahead of Rfenol when it come to taking over the house. What a guy! No, what a wife! Enjoyable thread, guys.
My parents have been happily married for over 30 years... my mother likes to joke that when she married my father, she told him that it was either going to be my mom or the stereo. 30 some odd years later, she has been such a trooper that she has finally conceded defeat by the almighty hi-fi but has decided to remain married to my dad. Not only has it turned into a dedicated custom built listening room... a pair of speakers larger than a person... amplifiers that weigh as much as a person... but my mom has tolerated waking up every morning for the last year to my father baking in a convection oven his very large collection of master tapes he recently acquired (for those who don't know,Ampex tape made in the 70s and 80s had 'issues' and the only way to temporarily fix the problem is to cook them for a few hours). Needless to say, I don't currently have a significant other but I only hope that when I do find her, she is as understanding as my mom has been!
Sorry for the ignorance guys, but I'm a new comer. What does WAF stand for???
Micheal- WAF stands for "Wife acceptance factor". Welocome to the club...
Currently living in a cramped (by American standards!) house in England, but my wife let me add four 15" x 15" x 60" Cube Traps for bass treatment! And she only winced a little at the $600 shipping bill!
Having thought about my previous posting, it occured to me that none of us who are married could not possibly enjoy this hobby to its fullest without a lot of understanding from our spouses. Those of you who suffer from a less-than-supportive spouse are probably reading some of these postings with envy, and asking "how can I get my wife to be like that?" Well guys, there is in fact a BIG SECRET! And for absolutely no charge, I'm prepared to reveal it here! So hold on to your hats, here it is: RUB HER FEET. Yes, it's that simple. When you settle down for a movie or a listening session, you pour her a glass of wine, settle down on the sofa (yes, you need a sofa in the sweet spot, not a single chair) and rub her feet. She'll love you for it, and eventually conclude that this hobby is far better than one that keeps you out on a golf course for 4-5 hours every weekend. I assure you this technique will improve the quality of your listening sessions!
My wife is very cool! We have a rather small house and she willing gave up a bedroom for my music only system. The HT system is dominant, but I hope not obscene in the living room. This wonderful woman puts up her lace curtains and so on around speakers, wire and subwoofers. Like some of you other guys - I know I'm very lucky!
Micheal- WAF stands for "Wife acceptance factor". Wellcome to the club of female dominated marriages. Not me, I am the King in my home and whatever I say goes.
I'm usually the voice of reason, fortunately my wife is of the school "life's too short so enjoy it". Birthday 2 years ago Krell 300i, last christmas Dunlavy SC-III's. What a great gal!! She's the reason I've been upgrading. She totally supports my enjoyment of this hobby and love of music. Think I'll make her dinner now.
My wife got me a Koetsu Rosewood one Christmas, then a few years later dragged me, kicking and screaming, into the digital age by buying me a CD player for my birthday. She has not objected to my purchase of $1000+ cables. I am now in search of a CD player upgrade, and she has not made a noise about it. Then again, I have a birthday coming up soon. Maybe.... Okay, enough of this stuff. What do you do for your wives? I make my wife dinner most days (I'm a far better cook than she is).
My wife is the coolest. She's a designer, and is into industrial design. She likes the retro style of the MAC 240 tube amp, but now likes the new Krell that we have. I'm getting a new pair of Totem Model 1s, and she'll like those too. She doesn't mind the big Straightwire Maestro cables all over the place. She accepts my audio gear, just like she accepts me, without question. I am the luckiest man alive.
ah yes, she said why not buy the BIG tubes, I replied, you mean the 300B's. Yes! those, she exclaimed! And get two while your at it. I responded, you mean the VAC 140's. Yes! she breathed heavily. What could that be wrapped up in those 8 foot cartons?, I asked. Just a little thank you for being the loving, caring, romantic audiophile that you are. My hands ripped at the industrial packing, seeing the words pipe dreams........a voice repeated, just click your socks together and repeat after me , there's no place like home, there's no..... but I Don't want to go home...
I agree with Rsuminsby, if you have a wife who enjoys your hobbies and interests you are a lucky man indeed. My wife and I enjoy relaxing and listening to music together. The only thing we sometimes disagree on is the type of music, but she is very tolerant of my obsession with audio equipment. We are truely some lucky guys.
Just rummaged through the latest comments and caught Rsuminby's about footrubs and wine on the couch during a listening session. I've always found a bit of this and sessions other than listening quickly follow.
Hey guys! How do your wives know what to get you? Do you tell them "sweety, if you decide get me something for my stereo, I would like Van Den Hull 10 foot speaker cables..."? or maybe your wives are audio enthusiats, just like we are? By the way, why are audiophiles almost always men?
While my wife, a musicholic like myself, is a heavy contributor to our system with both bucks and comment, she claims it's basically "a guy thing"--she doesn't care how many ohms dance on the head of a resistor. She just wants to hear music reproduced in the best way possible for the budget we allow. Can't ask for more than that.
At this moment my girl listens to the stereo, she's right at the sweetspot the sweetheart. She ordered the Audionut cablesupports for my birthday, [we live in the Netherlands]and helped me put them under the Monster cables.. When seeing the Big Atma-Sphere MA-2 amps for the first time, she said "well with so many tubes we don't need to put the central heating on in wintertime.." Didn't tell her about the 'joy'it brings in the summer with 50 tubes burnin' I think i quit reviewing my girl, and join her, the amps must be warmed up by now... RON