How come nobody mentions Marantz DV18

Isn't this unit suppose to be another excellent DVD Player which has good CD playback quality? I am interested in these but cannot audition them, can anyone who have experience with this unit share your thoughts? How are they compared to other units such as Sony9000ES or CDP like Meridian 806.20 or Planet2000 (in terms of CD playback quality).
I haven't done any comparisons in terms of CD, but the video quality is excellent.
Top Nuc, I used the DV 18 briefly as a CD player (while my Forsell was being upgraded) and DAD player to hear what it sounded like before I switched it to be used solely as a 24/96 transport. My impression was that it was a very smooth player, not especially dynamic (though no slouch) but pleasant to listen to because of its non-abrasive highs and rich (for 16/44) midrange. Can't compare to any of the CDPs you mention, as I haven't heard them; clearly better than my son's Marantz CD63, but couldn't touch my Audio Logic 2400 DAC, which is why I use it as a transport. However, for some reason it did not read regular CDs as well as either my Forsell (and that machine was VERY tempermental at the time) or the CD63, skipping on a few discs either of those machines would play with no problem. It has no problem with the 24/96 discs I feed it. Hope this is of some help. Anyone else out there have similar experiences with DVD players having a little more trouble than CDPs reading CDs?
The S9000es I have reads disc that skipped so bad in other players I had given up on them long ago. I haven't compared the cd playback with the Marrantz but it kept up with my Cal. Ikon MkII nicely. good luck.