How Come NO SACD (Stock) Players With Tube Output Stage?

I know there are plenty of CD players with a tube output stage but how come there are none (or next to none) SACD/CD players with a tube output stage stock? Only one comes to mind was the Shanling SCD-200 I believe from the early 2000s and maybe the Ayon? Any others out there? I would think manufactures would want to please the audiophile crowd since both a SACD AND tubes are popular-thoughts?

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Look at Ayon Audio CD-10 and CD35 players. SACD is a pretty much a dead format, very very few among us still buying the SACD’s. The sales of SACD’s nearly not enough to justify a steady stream of decent SACD players from manufacturers. Many HiFi manufacturers have stooped making CD/SACD players because the drives are difficult to obtain from OEM manufacturers.

I am hanging on to my Marantz SA-11S2 player until it stops working. Whenever that happens, not sure if I would be willing to shell out $4-5K for a decent SACD player. 

Let me ask you, what would you be willing to pay for a new high quality SACD player? 
Check out a Cary 303T player for tubed output stage. I am uncertain if the 306/306 Pro player has a tube in it or not?  Happy Listening!

I still listen to SACDs.

Question: since SACD players are all hybrid these days,is it any more difficult adding a tubed output stage for SACD/CD player than it is for just a standard CDP?

To the OP how many SACD’s do you own? I would think going with a tubed DAC and streaming DSD files may be the next best thing.
About 50 or so,not interested in streaming DSD files.
I am not into streaming DSD files neither. To my ears, the physical discs sound better, more natural. I look forward in reading which player purchased.  Happy Listening!