How come no one talks of sansui?

i love sansui. I have a complete ss setup (electrocomaniet and marantz sm17sa + norh Le amp)
i heard my friend's old AU 717 sansui....i must say
very very dynamic and impressive...and solid build quaility
i am going to pick one of these that go on ebay for 50 bucks...would hurt for a garage system
I have a sansui AU-517 65 wpc dual mono and yes its built like a tank. I dont use it anymore becuase it has problems with shutting off,crackling noises. But when it did work it was a great amp. I also have a tuner,tape deck, and turntable only the tuner still works, all the rest either need parts of something. Also i dont know if you know this or not but there is a great website all for sansui, its
Oh boy. That WAS my dream brand ! I would look to their catalogs and dream about the day I can own one of their gear (any one).

Never managed to own one. :-(
I have a ~mint (really!) AU-717 and TU-717 complete with rack handles. They look awesome, are built like tanks, and still sound as good today as they did when they were new. The amp is rated as 70wpc? I think but sounds more like 100+
i have a sweet looking 300 watt per channel ba 3000. it has big meters and did run fine unyil it blew some fuses. it can be yours for agood price.
I heard some of the new sansui reference amps recently made...they sound nice and sweet..very pleasing to know they're still around..and still look good
NOw you're taking me back to my very first (what I thought was hi end) system consisting of the old Sansui 9090 110watts/channel stereo amp driving my JBL 166 speakers with a front end consisting of a Thorens TD126 and Ortofon cartridge. Wow! I was in heaven until...someone introduced me to separates.

I bought that amp in 1976 and my sister is still using the same amp today with no problems except for one blown channel which was easily fixed. Yes, they did build them like tanks then didn't they?
I owned the Sansui AU919. That was the top of the heap -- even had special oval capacitors, and compartments for the different sections. You never hardly saw one of these -- mostly the AU717. There was also an AU818 - kind of inbetween. I wish I never sold it. It was in absolute mint condition and weighed about 55 pds.
All those old receivers from the 70's are great to have in some system in the house. The controls - massive power - meters - great tuners - Marantz - Pioneer - Harman Kardon - Sasui - I love going to old shops around the country and seeing them - it brings back times when I was getting started in this hobby. I still have an old Mcintosh integrated and a Harman Kardon in my workshop from the 71 - 73 era.
My sansui 9090db is on its way. A friend of mine brought one back from the army px years ago and boy do I miss that warm sound. I am thinking of running the amp of the 9090db off of my adcom preamp, any thoughts on this idea ? current system is adcom preamp and hafler dh200 amp. Thanks
I'm setting here listening to a TU-417 and AU-417 right now. It sounds almost as good as my Audio Research. And it's black rackmount. Life is good.......
You cant find one on ebay for 50 dollars the last dozen of so have all sold between 300 and 400....
My First stereo coming out of the service I purchased was a Sansui AU919. It was fantastic in it's time and as an entry level for about a $100 with a tuner it couldn't be beat. That was of course until I bought a Pioneer SX1650 Reciever!! Hell that was back in 1976!!
Hey Audionut......this also brings me first "receiver" was a Sansui 800.......then I went for the big bucks to a Sansui 8. Had the Dual 1219.....Shure....and a hoast of speakers from....Pioneer, KLH 17, Eastman, to Bose 901's!!!!

Then I started to read "The Absoulte Sound"......and on to chapter 2.
I must admit that I had a pair of 901's powered by a Mcintosh Receiver and I too thought life was good and filled with great music. Then came the mags , also.
Hey Ligi...after the Sansui I also got into Mac's c-28 and 2505 (or something like that)...ah...youth!!!!
Psssssst! This is secret.A modified Sansui T-60 or T-80 tuner will compete with the best of them.I'm serious.Contact Ed at for more info. I'm just a happy client.
Ah, nostalgia. My 7070db took me through college, with a Micro Seiki/Ortofon table and Wharfdale E70 speakers. I thought it was the best. I'm still happy, but the price of admission to the fun house has gone up quite a bit.
Juxtaposition: I use an old, yet still sweet AU6500 integrated amp on my computer system to listen to playback as I burn CD-R's

I bought it my freshman year in college (1974), and I thought I was king! My buddies all said: "I want a system like this when I get the money". AU6500, Thorens TD125, Pioneer speakers, Nakamichi cassette deck.

Vintage gear is cool!
I am a HUGE Sansui enthusiast!! See the site:
Some of the models I have are shown in the My Sansui Page.
Also, I moderate on the Exclusively Sansui section at

Happy New Year & Long Live Sansui!!!

Regards, B/F (email:
Hey they are one of the reasons you have Dolby surround.
Sansui QS matrix...OPen up an old Dolby CP-100 or CP-50
I have a TU 9900 that I still use in my vintage analog system, it sounds great. And I have a 441 receiver that works fine, although I'm not using it at the present time.
My first big league system was a Sansui G-6000 ,a JVC qla-7 turntable and bose 901 serie4's and an akai tape deck. It was 1974 and I thought I was an audio king.
In 1975 A Sansui 771 reciever (40 wpc) was the heart of my first system...along with my Superscope cassette deck, a 10 inch Dokorder reel to reel, generic 12 inch 3 way speakers and Technics SL something or other turntable.....I thought I was a real audio heavyweight and man did that system sound good! As I upgraded, the reciever just would not die..I had to give it away. I now own the outstanding Sansui TU-X1 tuner...yeah!!
I live whit sansui in all of my life
i love eveven name of SANSUI ,IT,S SPEAKERS,AMP.,........

I feel good sens when i see SANSUI OR HEAR ITS NAME