How close is the mhdt pardisea 3 to theplus

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"theplus" is an extremely vague name. What are you referring to?
I would guess that he means the MHDT Paradisea+ which is the predecessor to the Paradisea 3.
There is the Paradidea plus with a + on the front and the Paradisea 3. I was wondering if anyone knew how much difference there was between the two.
I should have been more clear.
I haven't heard the plus or version 3, but others who have say all three versions sound somewhat similar. The MHDT website says: "Same circuit as older Paradisea with a little different in PCB trace layout."

In addition to USB input, the plus and version 3 have a different opamp than the original. Many say they prefer the original opamp. This forum over at head-fi will give you plenty to think about: MHDT Paradisea Owners Club

If you want more info, check out this forum at Audio Circle: Paradisea DAC
Thanks for the links, very informative.
Don, you can't go wrong with any version of the Paradisea. I own the original and it sounds spectacular. The big issue is connectivity. The original doesn't have USB. The plus and 3 do, but most people agree the toslink/spdif output sounds best even on the later models. FWIW.