How close can Merlin TSM-MX's go?

I have Merlin TSM-MX's in my office and, despite the fantastic accuracy, neutrality and coherence, they do not project or sound-stage as well as my Allison 3's, in the corners against the wall, as they should be, or my Kharmna 3.2s, placed as they should be. (in 2 different rooms at home) The issue is this: They cannot be placed more than 24" from the rear wall for physical and logistic reasons in my office. The dimensions are 14 X 11 feet, ceiling 9 feet, listening point 8.5 feet, 7 feet apart, 18 and 20" from side walls. None of these distances can be changed due to room and furniture configuration. Except they can be moved backwards, against the rear walls - ideal. They are toed in according to the sighter supplied. Am I wasting these beautiful little speakers, and does this room placement negate their potential to such a degree that I need sell them and find a modern equivalent of the Allison Ones, that can stand against a wall (which would be ideal in my room) ? Is there any such speaker - designed like the Allison One, to be placed square against the wall? Does this sound plausible to you, Bobby and does this placement negate their qualities a lot or a little? (System: Nottingham Spacedeck, Spacearm, Shelter 501 II, Mini-Max Phono pre-amp, Jadis DA88 Sig, Cardas GR single-wired SCs, Merlin-supplied resistors, APL Denon 3900)
The Allison Ones will have an extremely odd radiation pattern...might give you a nice atmospheric sound but I can't begin to imagine how all those early edge diffractions will affect the imaging!

Your office is not a good size....have you considerd MOO/SOO from NHT....plug them into your desktop PC on your desk and away you go...a near field experience but probably the best you can achieve in an office?
Can you try a diagonal setup? This has worked well for many Merlin users in smaller rooms, and helps to overcome the limitations that you have placed on yourself.
You certainly aren't taking advantage of the speakers capabilities right now.
Generally you do want more than 2ft behind, and closer to the wall will sound worse, but it is worth experimenting in 6in increments. multiples of 1/3s and 1/4s of the wall length will produce the most dramatic differences. IOW, depending on the wall length, 18in could indeed sound better than 24in from the wall. It doesn't hurt to experiment.
Also, try less than 7ft apart. Try 5.5ft, then 6ft & 6.5ft. This will affect soundstage more than you might have guessed. Cheers,
Spencer, the inter-speaker distance, too, is unfortunately fixed by a credenza. 6 foot plus, between them, holding the electronics and tt. So, which alternative speaker do you suggest:)?
How Tall is this Credenza? Right between the speaker's, up against a wall, with almost no hope for a decent soundstage? Are the speakers on the short wall, or even shorter wall? .....

You mean, you purchased speakers you know to be Ferrari's, but you only will be using the Ferrari to commute 1-2 miles through the city's stop and go traffic? with off street parking? Potholes and the like.....

Now, I am being a bit of a smart ass here. But you might have not choosen so wisely here (and I am a huge Merlin Fan/owner). If you can't or you won't rethink your setup, your priorities here, then maybe a new speaker is in order. One you can place right up against the wall like Spendor, Naim, as each of these have huge midrange suckouts that get filled in when placed near a backwall; where the Merlins are flat and fleshed out from the get and when placed up against the wall you add extra re-enforcing of the rear wall to the bass and upper-mids. I don't know of any speaker that soundstages well up against a wall, with a huge cabinet inbetween, in a small room,..........

except maybe add an old pair of Sound Dynamics perhaps to your list too? Its a shame to go from a clear window to the music to a foggy glass block wall.....
Some good points, Monk. I certainly discussed the location of the Merlins prior to buying them. Nuff said. The credenza is 30 inches high - speaker stands 28 inches high.
I have moved the speakers in front of the Credenza and closer together - moved other furniture to accomplish this. I take your point about the Ferrari - firstly, the speakers are on 8 hours a day - 4 of those hours with just me and at high volume, so the analogy (sad-funny as it is), with a 2 mile drive downtown is wrong. Maybe a 75 mile drive downtown.....secondly, I'm sure Bobby Palkovic will burst with pride to hear he made a Ferrari...........too bad I bought the wrong car, huh?
LOL. 75 miles, that is a lot of urban pot holes, sewer drains, manholes, ........ before you even get to the DOT work.......

Well, 30" tall isn't as bad as I had in mind, thinking more like a 6' tall bookcase structure!

Well, I understand your need for a decent setup with those hours in mind. I would take a picture of your setup with measurements, and give Bobby a email - man has limitless patience with us/his customers. He'll have a few more suggestions I bet. Maybe short spikes/Blue Tac under the speakers to the Credenza? 5' seperation might be better in a small room, than say 7'......

Hey, don't forget those Ferrari's need HIGH octane fuel too, no 93 - only 97 or better I believe - that means no Yanni/Celine/Kenny G or the like! (that's like diesel for that ride).....
Didn't work - couldn't keep them moved- got in everyone's way- so back to against the wall, 7 foot. Unacceptable.
So anybody want a mint pair of dark blue TSM-MXes?
Hey, Monk, seriously, since I cant get an answer on this forum (I've posed the question elsewhere, too)please give me your suggestions for specific models that can go almost flush against the wall, separated by 7 feet? Appreciate it!
try the wall treatment behind them like i suggested and if that doesn't work then move on. but at least give it a chance to work for you.
typically a speaker with a bbc style dip will be a good choice for a set up with a solid object between the speakers. but...try the wall treatment first because it will do wonders. too much reflected energy causing problems for you to get a proper stage.
and your speakers are tsm mxs and not mxes.
TSM MXes was a misprint - the title states MX clearly. Sorry for the typo.
single wire with my cardas jumper?
you may also want to try a different speaker cable that is a little more reticent in the mids to balance the location. talk to chris about his findings using a pair of vsm mms with a tv in the center.
he went through this same thing.
Honestly, I can't recommend anything right against the wall. NHTs are designed for such setup, but they haven't impressed me sonically.
I would try to brainstorm on totally reconfiguring the furnishings of the room, treat behind the speakers or I'd move the stereo elsewhere and use a good pair of headphones in there. Best of luck,
>>Honestly, I cant recommend anything right against the wall<< (SBank)

How about 12-18", then?:) Some have recommended Linn/Naim, but cant find anything suitable used or within budget or requirements. Bobby has recommended wall treatments or change in SCs - wall treatments are not feasible - this is a professional (supposedly) consulting room, already looking like a high-end stereo show-room, with a huge TT and int amp exposed, so not aesthetically/professionaly feasible. But the music is important enough to me to not give up and use the PC, as suggested by others. Anybody tried GMA Callisto's closer to the wall than the recommended 24-52"?