How Cary 805 will go with Kharma 3.2

I do have the opportunity to purchace Kharma 3.2 FE and do not know what amps to consider. Single ended triode is the option for my room and music taste.There are no Lamm dealer in Australia, but there are Cary, and I heard 805 are stunning. Did anyone tried. The cables are Stereovox Ref.
I guess your room size and your listening habits are the most important question I would ask. The Kharmas are an easy laod and the Carys should work well. I can tell you I use Thor tpa 30 watt monos ( Kharma 1.0 ) and they have plenty of power and are very close to neutral sounding and sound great.The Carys' will be a bit more organic but should be fine if thats what your looking for. Its all matter of taste. Also from feedback on the Kharmas,room size is a very important issue. With proper set they can be spectacular!
I have heard the wonderful 3.2's on numerous occassions.Unless your room is huge,you should be about as happy as Patrick Rafter would have been,had he won an Australian open -:)
The Cary 805 is a SUPER amp!!You should be doing cartwheels,from euphoria,once you are totally set up.

Best of luck!
I actually just bought Kharma 3.2 FE with the Ceramique sub. I never thought buing the subwoofer will ever occur in my life, simply because I considered myself to be old fashioned in this way. Some few years ago I said to my friends that toys like central speaker or subwoofer will NEVER appear in my system.
When I started my listening session (my test CD was Patricia Barber Modern Cool track 3 by MOFI, but not SACD),the Kharmas sounder open, very transparent, and very fast. The treble was astonishing. The mids were wonderfull, detailed, but probably on the dryer side. The bass was sufficient, but that was probably it. I was generally happy with what theese small speakers could deliver.The associated equipment was all solid state Acoustic Arts; good suff, but not SET or OTL, I would preffer. When the sub came on, the Barber voice, piano, bass and drums deepend. The dryness from ultra clarity and SSA waned, and the sound became more pleasnt and less fatiued. I noticed that I set myself at ease with the sub. There was no need to enquire once and again was there enough bass on this or other recordings. Initially, however my impression was that 3.2 became slower when sub was on, but even if so, that was very very subtle. Probably other way around - the sub was slightly faster that 3.2s. Neither the less, the combo produced top notch sound reproduction. I just wonder how to amp the Kharmas and how to wire the little sub?
Congratulations with your purchase.
i know Kharma has gone to great lenght and time to get the subwoofers right.
it takes further time and room acoustics to bring it to a higher level in itself.
as for amplifiers there is a wide choice now that you have bought the 3,2 and it is all a matter of personal taste.
some have more resolution some are better controlled in the lower frequencies.
i would suggest any good tubeamp with around 30 to 75 watts.
It's not the watts alone, it is more topology in itself and if you like openess and resolution you should do yourself a favour by reviewing Atma-Sphere OTl amps also.
expect to try different cables and powercords to get the whole to a magic level, these speakers have such resolution that every flaw in the chain will get noticed.
once you get there you cannot stop listening :-)
I'm pleasured with this set but i prefer to hear also others audiophiles that may have thesame combination Cary 211M AE -Kharma CRM 3.2F.
Aleksander, if you are in Melbourne be sure to check out the Audiogon Melbourne Chapter. We held our first meet a couple of weeks ago and may have another one soon.
You see I do not know now. I ended up with Tenor OTL.