How Can This Be?

I've had a VPI Scoutmaster in my system for about a week. Tonight I played a test record because things have not been sounding right. Turns out it is playing out of phase, even though the (Clearaudio Wood) cartridge is wired properly. The rest of my system, meaning the CD player and speakers, are in phase, so the problem is with the table and/or the phono stage. Switching wires on one channel of the cartridge fixed it, but it sure seems wierd. I can't believe VPI would mix up lead wires, and there is no phase switch on the phono stage. I don't know about you guys, but it seems like I am always scratching my head.
Well, it could be a wiring mistake in your Clearaudio OR your VPI.

Did the Clearaudio work OK in another TT/TA? If so the problem is in the VPI tonearm and/or turntable wiring and it should be returned to the factory.

If this is the first use of the cartridge, then I would suspect the cartridge is mis-wired (and not the TT/TA.) This happens more often than you think. And when it does, switching the cartridge leads on one channel will work, but then you still need to test the cartridge for correct "absolute polarity" (which some test records like the Cardas will reveal) But if you do determine it's the cartridge, I'd make Clearaudio exchange it for a new one.

are you talking about the left and right channel being switched around when you play the test record ? if, so, i have noticed the exact same thing with my scoutmaster.