How can my setup be better?

Ripped CDs Apple Losslessly onto hard drive on my Dell E510, then playing with apple Itunes via.

Dell ---(usb cable)---> MAudio Transit ---(fiber optic)---> Meridian 561M Pre/pro ---(A.cable)---> Bryston Amp ---(S.cable)--->JM Lab 926 speakers ----(air)---> my ears.

what do you think of my setup?
how can it be better?

I am trying to replace the M-Audio Transit with Waveterminal U24 with Coaxial cable.

If you were me, how would you improve it without spending too much of $$$
Bryston with those speakers can be "analytical." If you like an etched detailed sound then you're already there...I'd go tubed amp with those speakers.
Room acoustics treatment.
well... thanks for the input.

However, I'm talking more about in terms of PC audio stuff...

Is what I'm doing considered the best approach to get most out of using PC as a source?
You could try ripping with EAC and playing ASIO using Foobar. Lots of other posts in this forum have details.
I think you're doing it. A digital out is a digital out. I certainly wouldn't get a U24.