How can I use headphones with my new system?

(Yes, I am a newbie).

I got my first "entry level audiophile" system a few days ago: an Exposure 2010S integrated amp, an Exposure 2010S CD player, B&W 705 speakers, and a Magnum Dynalab MD-90 tuner. As I had hoped, they sound terrific together.

That said, I didn't notice until this morning that neither my amp or cd player has a headphone jack. (Stupid, I know). I haven't bought any headphones yet, but I do need that option.

The 2010S amp has two sets of speaker outputs ("1" and "2"), but they're intended for biwiring -- both sets are always on. One idea I had is to connect the headphones to the "2" outputs, and my speakers to the "1" outputs through a Niles SVC-1 volume control I have from an old system. I would still control volume with the amp... turning the SVC-1 volume to the max when using the speakers, and turning it all the way down when using the headphones. Work or not, that approach seems really kludgy to me. I would think that running the speakers through the SVC-1 would degrade the sound.

Another idea I had was to connect the headphones (or a small headphone preamp/amp) to the 2010S amp PRE-OUT -- but I would still need a way to mute the speakers unless the PRE-OUT is independent of the volume control. (I recall reading that it is a "passive preamp").

A third idea I had was to bypass the amp altogether... connecting the headphones (or a small headphone preamp/amp) to one of the two digital outputs (OPT and COAX)on the 2010S CD player.

What are my other alternatives? Could I use an external A/B speaker switch connected to the "1" audio outputs on my amp? Does anyone make one that doesn't degrade the signal?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions!
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Hey, I've got an impedance matching adaptor. You would run either the a or b speakers to this little box and it has a headphone jack and outputs to 2 pair of speakers.
This way, you can use your preamp volume and the awesome sound of your exposure without any chances of blowing the headphones or speakers. All you need is a short pair of speaker cables and cheap banana plugs into the headphone box.
Want pics? Quite cheap too.
If your exposure has a tape loop, insert a headphone amp into the loop, which will improve the performance of the cans dramaatically over the jacks in most components.