How can I untag wrong album artwork in itunes?

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to untag wrong album artwork in itunes. I am able to add new artwork to albums in which itunes could not find the art work by "get info" for song and then find it out on the internet. However, when I find artwork for wrongly tagged artwork and I go to "get info", delete wrongly tagged artwork, and then try to add the correct artwork, the original wrongly tagged artwork remains. Do I need to restart itunes each time?

Thanks in advance,

Try this. . .

Highlight all the songs in the album. Then go to Get Info and check the check box next to Artwork. Then Clear Downloaded Artwork and drag your new artwork on to the Add New Artwork box.

It is not intuitive but it worked for me.
I've always been able to simply drag the new artwork into the artwork window of the album info.
Direwolf336 and Spiritualized,

Thanks, that did it.