How can I tell when my phonostage is broken?

Im a complete novice and I think the phonostage has gone on my setup. Basically I have no volume control on my amp over the turntable but this works perfectly well with the CD? Could I have blown the thing?
with some amps, the internal board is an option (even if it's labeled on the unit). it may just not be there. it it used to be fine, then i would take to a tech.
Is it possible that a wire is disconnected on the turntable or the cartridge??? Check the interconnects........
Also try changing the interconnects from your phonostage to your preamp with those of your CD player and see if it goes away.
Thanks for all your help, It's Sunday and i have to do a few things so will try all of the above when i get back home!! Will keep you all posted tonight!! Once again thanks again!
ok just a quick update. I have two amplifiers a quad 77 integrated and a quad 77 preamp. With the preamp it is possible to link the turntable into the preamp directly and I get really rubbish playback the quality is rubbish!, I try using the phonostage with the preamp and all I get is a loud noise as soon as the cartridge comes into contact with the vinyl?

Secondly i use the turntable with the integrated amp and when the amp is on I can play CD's through it and control volume no problem, to get any sort of playback from vinyl the integerated has to left in stand by mode and the turntable plays excellently as if nothing ever happened but once again I cant control volume.

i have tried the interconnects and all appear ok, and the seperates are linked via Quad links, these also appear to be ok, so I think the
answer is the phonostage?? i think the whole system needs a good kick up the bum! Any further ideas??


Rex Monday
Does your preamp have a built in phono stage? Just curious what kind of turntable you have and is your cartridge MM or MC. That makes a big difference. Also what is your phono stage?? And yes by all means give it a kick. After all that if you do need a phono stage I have a demo Dynavector for sale. Not a lot of hype on it but a very fine unit.