How can I safely remove Optrix from my CDs?

I have some CDs that have fairly significant clouding after I treated them with Optrix.

Is there a safe way to remove the Optrix from my CDs?

Thanks in advance!
Rather than trusting your CD's to what someone might suggest, try contacting the manufacturers about this. Other than being able to help you remove the treatment, i'm 100% certain that they would like to be made aware of your problem. Sean
mshan, if you find out, let me know. I have about 150 cd's with the same clouding from optrix...
I contacted the manufacturer who suggested I clean the cloudy cd's with undiluted 91% isopropyl alcohol. I applied the alcohol with a small spray bottle and used a radial cd cleaning system to remove the haze. ( Allsop markets these cleaners and I have also seen them at Radio Shack (cat. # 42-208) for about $10.00. I was cautioned not to spray the label side as the alcohol may remove the label. Severe cloudiness sometimes took several applications.
Hi precbsed, did the manufacturer have any explanation for this cloudiness? Did they produce a bad batch of this stuff or is just not a good product? It must be undesireable to have it cloud up or they would not have advised how to remove it.
My impression is that my clouded CDs are simply ones where I didn't completely wipe the Optrix off of the read side.

The cloudiness looks just like the Optrix I spray on the label side but don't wipe off.

P. S. - I have some Mapleshade Mikro-Smooth disk polishing compound. I tried to remove some cloudiness with this and it seemed to work pretty well. Obviously, though, I run the risk of scratching the disk.
As to using the Mikro-Smooth, isn't that kind of like robbing Peter to pay Paul ??? In effect, you are adding yet another chemical agent to the disc and who knows what the result of such a combo might be ? Even if the Mikro-Smooth does remove the Optrix, who is to say that you won't want to remove the Mikro-Smooth at a later date ? I would stick with the highest purity isopropyl alcohol that you can find and then thoroughly rinse the discs after that.

Like the others in this thread, one has to wonder if this is related to a bad batch of chemicals, improper application or simply a side effect of Optrix after a long period of time. Sean

* We can get 99% isopropyl here but it is much harder to find than the 91%.
I posted the same question at, and the general consensus is that the clouding is due residual Optrix on the read side of the CD (apparently, the Optrix instructions say to wipe that surface dry).

Has anybody tried to reapply Optrix to remove the clouding?
Herman, the manufacturer suggested that the tissue used to wipe the excess Optrix may have been treated with a chemical softening agent or perhaps may have been made from recylced paper stock although I was careful to use the recommended untreated Kleenex tissue. He did not think the cloudiness should affect sonics. However I am not taking any chances and therefore have since stopped treating discs.