How can I raise the height of the sound stage

My system consists of:

Quad 988 electrostatic speakers
Quicksilver V4 tube mono blocks
SAS Audio 10A tube pre amp
Cary Audio 303/300 cd player

THe sound stage presently is about 18" from the floor
Perhaps some room treatment on your ceiling above your speakers.
get polarity correct.

(both signal and AC).

In addition to what Rhyno said make sure your phase is correct. Check to see if any of your pre/power/cdp inverts phase or not.

Check to see if your tweeters are working.
Hi Nke,

I have listened to the Quads, and loved the sound but found the soundstage to be exactly as you describe. I would recommend that you look for some stands for the Quads. Here is an example:

Good luck,

I built stands for my 988's by going to a timber frame housing company and getting roughly 5' of solid 12"x12" fir used for posts in timber home construction. The cost was around $200, and they cut it into two 26" lengths, one for each speaker. It definitely brings the soundstage off the ground, with only minor loss of some of the bass. I think it's worth it. I might go with 10"x10" though, as long as the spikes from the 988 would fit on it.

Let me know if you would like more information.
Or you could get lower chairs.
Maybe you can tilt them back some, that should raise the soundstage
You will need several stage hands.
Try different cabling.

I recently auditioned CT cables and they dropped the soundstage a good foot. Went back to my silver cables and the soundstage came right back up.
I agree with Fiddler. I have found that speaker cables have a significant impact on the shape and size of the stage. What are your speaker cables?

Sit lower.