How can I punish this Chinese audio dealer

I ordered three pairs of tubes from him last year.

The dealer used to respond to my e-mail within 2 days with fast shipping.

The Psavne Acme 805 tube went bad after 7 days of use.

But with claim of bad tube, he stopped responding to me at all..

I sent him 6 e-mail within 7 days.

Will Paypal refund be the best way to punish him?
수 2018-12-26, 오전 12:47

ok sir

From: Thomas Kong
Date: 2018-12-26 16:43
Subject: Re: Order Confirmation No: 11720
I received Acme 805 tube yesterday.

PSVANE Acme Serie 805 Vacuum Tube High-end tube Be

Please note that both tube are made by same company Psvane.

Cossor valve was league above from stock tube with refined bass and deeper bass.

As soon I replaced Cossor Valve 805 with Acme 805 today, I noticed clear window of transparency and more details.

It seem like I had inserted pre amp since the change was so drastic.

The soundstage got wider with 3-d holographic with clear window.

It had not been burnt yet so it may be possible to change its sound for the next 2 weeks.

But the first impression is very positive.

I will keep you informed of the progress.

I also have pair of NOS United 805 tubes which I had not used yet.

After Acme got fully broken in, I will also compare it with NOS United.

Order Confirmation

Thomas Kong,
Thanks for shopping with us today!
The following are the details of your order.

Order Number: 11720
Date Ordered: Thursday 20 December, 2018

1 xPSVANE Acme Serie 805 Vacuum Tube High-end tube Best Matched Pair (Psvane Acme Serie 805)$732.99 USD
---------Sub-Total:$732.99 USDFREE SHIPPING! (Free Shipping Delivery Charge.):$0.00 USDTotal:$732.99 USD

As usual, I expect you to ship it fast


United States
Payment Method

I had bought NOS United 805 tubes but it is hard to get one in good condition.
I had paid using Paypal on this case.

Thus I may be able to file claim of lemon product with Paypal.
Yes, if Chinese dealer isn't responding, get Paypal to intervene. 

  Note: Not all Chinese dealers are bad. I bought a defective Psvane tube from a Chinese dealer and he told me to return defective tube. Once he received tube he would send new tube. I returned the tube and he was good to his word and shipped me quickly a new tube that performed normally. 
PayPal may support you due to the fact that the dealer has a 1-year warranty on tubes.  You will need to send the tube back to the dealer so that they can get a replacement from their supplier and to determine the source of the failure. 
I have had poor luck ordering tubes from most anyone but I still do would say about 50% of the NOS used or new tubes I buy are not as represented and even new have noise issues.