How can I order a new arm board for my SOTA?

Dear All,

I will soon be the owner of a Graham 2.2 tonearm, that will sit on my SOTA tonearm. I currently use a origin live. I am sure I will need a new tonearm. I have called (and emailed) SOTA, but they haven't responded to me. Does anyone know how I can have another acrylic arm board made for me that will accommodate the Graham?

Thank you
You don't say if your 2.2 has the Graham mount or the SME mount. If it is the Graham mount, just order a new arm board for the Phantom instead. Phantom is a drop-in replacement for the 2.2, so it will be backwards-compatible (or very nearly so). You can always contact Graham to verify any potential concerns.

If you have the SME mount, you are in trouble; not a happy combination on the Sota arm board.

BTW - be patient with both Sota and Graham. They are small operations that can be very slow to respond.

Good luck & happy listening!