How can I make my Kenwood 5070 TT sound better?

I've had a model 5070 Kenwood table for quite some time. It's completely original aside from the Stanton headshell and Empire 2000X cart I currently use in it. My question is what alterations/modifications can I do to make it sound better? I'm exceptionally interested in trading out the tonearm if possible. I really like this old table, and any advice or suggestions would sure be appreciated.

Thanks, Les
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Change the power cord for a cryo'ed Flavor 2. Sit back and watch. Also, don't forget to oil the spindle well all the way to the top.
Thanks for the suggestion on the cart. I'd like to stay under $200.00. What would you suggest? I listen to a lot of 50's jazz, and blues throught the present. I'm running it through an old MCS 3275 I bought new in 1978. I know we're talking low-Fi stuff here, so thanks for schooling this beginner.
Hey Lestron, I also have a KD- 5070 TT, although I don't use it any more due to a new TT. I did upgrade the cartridge from an Audio Technica to a Sumiko Blue Point ($200.00), with much better results, using an Acurus P-10 phono pre at the time. As for the tonearm, I agree with Viridian. BTW, does your MCS 3275 accept a moving coil cart ( MC ), if not, you'll have to stay with a moving magnet cart ( MM )
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Thank you all for the suggestions. I'm trying, at present, to locate an Ortofon OM-20. KAB has them for $109.00. Anyplace out there cheaper?

Thanks again, Les Williams
Actually KAB has the Ortofon OM-20 for $120.00 plus shipping. Anyone know of a better price on this cart?

Thanks, Les
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Thanks for your input. I've got an Ortofon OM-20 in it's way from Jacksmusicfactory. I'm hoping to also try this on my Denon DP1200 TT. It may prove to work well for both tables.

I'll write more when I know more.

Best regards, Les
I've been using the new Ortofon OM 20 for a couple of weeks now. It sounds better with every album I play. I also picked up a pair of really nice oak Klipsch KG 4's. Thanks again for the advice!