How can I integrate a 6th gen ipod touch?

What would be the best way to integrate a 6th generation ipod touch into my all tube set up? I have my record player rca to the rca input of my project tube box preamp out to my yaqin mc13s tube amp and off to the speaker. I dont know if I need a dac to accomplish this?
I use one of an HRT Istreamer in my headphone system between an IPOD Classic and my Ray Samuels tube headphone amp
I bought one of these Pro-Ject Dock Box S units for $80 on ebay for my wife to use within ourmain system...shes' all about simplicity.
It works pretty darn well for the price.
You might want to try searching online for "ipod docking station" but everything I can find is basically old and no longer available new.
Hi ggy767, a couple of makers did make an iPod holder / DAC, but I no longer know if any of them are in business.

A streamer is a device that sends data to a DAC from a storage device and an online service provider like Quboz, Tidal, etc.
@erik_squires also I checked your link and that could work but is their a way of integrating a dac?
@erik_squires I have no idea what that is?
You can use an adapter like this:

But wouldn't you want a streamer?? :)