How can i improve the sound of Iphone 11?

I am using SE846 earphones into Ibasso DX90 and i love the sound. I recently bought TIDAL for streaming at home. 
I tried listened to TIDAL through my iphone 11 into SE846 and obviously, with no DAC in it, it was not as good as when using DX90. 

There are times i cannot carry the DX90 but will have my phone with me.

Is there a dongle i can put between the Iphone and SE846 that will improve the sound to match that of my DX90?
I have a PS Audio Dectet conditioner and I've been happy with it so far. It also helps with power surges. 
I know you have an Apple but what I did for my Android was install UAPP app. There is also an app within that app for a "Bit Perfect" app. Then you use an OTG USB cable. 

The UAPP makes the Android's DAC better. Perhaps there is a similar app for an Apple phone? 
I have a Helm Audio Bolt DAC that I have been pretty happy with. It's a USB C dongle DAC that I use with a Samsung S21. With an android phone I'm using USB Audio Player Pro to stream Tidal and Qobuz and I have no complaints. 
I intend to go this route for my iPhone 11 PM. iPhone--lightning to USB C--THX AAA Onyx. The Onyx decodes MQA.

I'll be using this low cost, Lightning to female USB C adapter. 

My only worry is the known issue where the iPhone's Lightning port supplies little to no power to attached devices. 
Portable DAC is big improvement. Personality I use AQ Dragonfly Cobalt and very happy with it. Also if you using Apple Music hi res service you can improve SQ with the phone Settings. Go to Phone Settings then to Music where in Audio section you could play with Audio Quality, EQ, Dolby Atmos etc.

Happy listening.