How can I improve my electric power situation.

My current set up is:
Krell KAV 300i
Krell 250 cd/2
Ayre QB-9
MD 100 tuner
Shunyata Research Hydra-6
My problem is that my system is too far (25 ft.) from an electric outlet. I am using two long extensions (hardware store) to supply elec. to my components. I live in an apt. and can't do any rewiring. Can I improve this situation?
that's a tough one.

You need to make sure your outlet is supremely good and your cord is rock solidly connected to the outlet (PS Audio Soloist, Porter Ports, or the like). Then I would get a reasonably priced shielded cable from Signal Cable for the full length you need and run that to a PS Audio Duet (4 ports). I would not plug anything into the other port at the source, and find out what else is on that circuit, and take those off if at all possible.

from the PS Audio Duet I would plug in power amps directly, and I would sell the Hydra and buy an APC S-20. It is great conditioning, and back up. That means you never run out of juice, even when the power goes off you can power things down one at a time. In fact, looking at your system, you could just go a PS Audio Soloist at the wall, to the Signal Cable power cord, to the APC s-20 and plug everything into that. I think you would see a huge improvment.

I have not used them, but I have buddies who live in apartments and swear by the PS Audio Noise Harvesters to help knock out noise in situations with multiple wiring.

Good luck
what sonic problems are you experiencing?
While not a solution to your problem, I'd get a 'Kill-A-Watt' power meter.
This will give you power line voltage, current draw, power factor, VA / Watts and total power drawn by system while plugged in...with an hour meter.

These things are very cheap. like 25$ or so.

At least you will be able to satisfy yourself that you are not dragging the line down. Also, in an apartment, you are not likely to be able to crank it to the point of putting a dent in what power you CAN get.

Use premium extension cords. 12/3 would be where I started. The cheesy 14/3 stuff won't cut it.

I HAVE and use the PSAudio Soloist outlet...had an electrician install it. Good stuff, but I don't know how that helps you.
Thanks for your input. I am going to check those options out, especially the Signal Cable power cord. I also noticed, or did not notice, any improvement in my system after I got the Shunyata unit (6 years ago). What advantage would the PS Audio Duet have over the Shunyata 6? My system can sound rough, or edgy, but I think it is my amp. And I need some additional room treatment. I appreciate your thoughts and ideas. Gives me some direction.
The Soloist outlet requires a doublewide one used for 4 outlets, so once installed you may have to LEAVE it? Maybe uninstall leave the box, put a pair of regular outlets back and take the Soloist with you.

Any way to borrow / 30 day test of another conditioner? My amps have almost never liked them but the low level stuff....CD player and preamp have seemed to benefit. Even if you have to temporarily run a 2nd cord, try the amp as straight into the wall as possible while the remainder goes to whatever conditioner you have under test.

From the FWIW department...I use Panamax. The one I have is an older 5510 which includes a 400va isolation transformer. All lo level electronics goes to this. The TV to another conditioner outlet, without iso and the amp and sub thru their OWN circuit and the Soloist. This thing set me back a grand about 8 or 10 years ago.

Does the stereo sound better at any special time of day? Like late when people start turning stuff off? Or real early Sunday morning while having some quiet time or at Church? That would tell me you need cleaner power.
Late at night and early a.m. Is best. But this is when it's very quiet, no traffic, or drunk neighbors. Sometimes, I feel disconnected from the music and feel like I can take it or leave it. May or may not be power related. I actually think it's the amp, but I do want to get the electric side of the equation in order. Signal cable power cord. My hardware store has those?
Great. Thanks.
One thing I have been doing,which I just read about here I think,is to clean my power sockets at the wall with Caig's Deoxit.I took the plug sockets out and cleaned the connections,the wire ends as well.They were oxidised and I heard a noticeable improvement.
Very simple with outstanding results. Hire an electrician and have them install a dedicated, isolated ground 20 amp outlet running 10 aug wire, just make sure the outlet is at least Hospital quality, the outlets are usually red, you will be amazed!!
I have a solution!

Hire an electrician have him install another outlet that they can tie into the existing outlet and place it less than 6 feet from your Shunyata Research Hydra-6

You can buy the material from home Depot or most hardware stores. You'll need 14/2 or 12/2 Romex wire, and a Metal or Plastic Wire Mold Special conduit for install on the wall, and buy a Single gang or Dual gang electric Box from wire mold as well.

Your electrician can make it all work and they can buy all the parts you need as well.

The cost should not exceed more than $250.00

Good luck!

Good Luck.
I had adequate outlets close to where my system was, but this circuit served my room and an adjacent room where my wife used sewing machines. I had two dedicated outlets added or rather I took two outlet off this circuit and used as the outlets for the new dedicated lines. The two lines of 100 feet length to the main power panel cost me $100.

I would argue with using hospital grade outlets, however. I did try them and how have about 10 that anyone willing to pay shipment is welcome to. The are merely designed to not spark. I find normal Eagle outlets best but the Synergistic Research Teslaplex is the best outlet I have tried although the Maestro outlet is in the same league but sounds somewhat different.