How can I get a discount on Roon lifetime price $699

Used to be $499.  $699 seems very high.  I wonder if discount codes are out there?
Using with qobuz.

About the only way I know is to invent a time machine to go back and buy in at $499....

Can I say maybe should have bought at that time?

Seriously I would agree that $699 is a little high especially in today's age of new and fresh emerging technology.
Who knows in 3 years time Roon may be supplanted by something better and cheaper....
That's why I only signed up for a year, not so much as a baulk against the $699 price.
gotta pay to play

big boys and girls do that
Im happy to be counted as a little boy then.......
not directed at you uber

that notwithstanding, we all would like to be young again :)

happy listening
Just commenting on my desire to be able to go back in time myself😁😁.

However pretty sure that buying a $499 Roon membership would not be at the top of my to-do list if I could 🤔
Crap or get off the pot.
The lifetime script will eventually be gone at any price. They just offered it for startup cash.
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The only thing that ROON does (I think) is check the license when you start up the program. If ROON goes bankrupt that license check would be the only thing that would stop a person from still using the application/server.

Now if ROON were to put the source code in escrow for lifetime members then a patch could be created easily. That won't happen though.

I bought lifetime subscription at $499 long ago and would easily buy again today at $699.
I was a DA and paid by the year for two years before buying Lifetime. It's Netflix and Wikipedia of music with DSP, favorites, playlists, suggestions etc mixed in. I would have never discovered the Artist's and music I have without Roon and Tidal. Worth far more than the asking price IMHO. 
I agree totally on all the sentiments expressed on its useful side.

But as I have said tech is so rapidly changing these days I just don't see it staying the dominant force forever.
Hence my yearly subscription for now.
After I ran the free trial I knew it was worth every bit in lifetime membership and bought it. That was about 3 years ago @499. I knew it would pay itself after my 4th year. And like another person said, I would never have discovered new or related music without its excellent curation. Worth every penny.