How can I drive a very large passive subwoofer?

My system is comprised of a Mac C-28 preamp, and a Mac 2200 power amp. As you guys know their is no subwoofer out on the preamp. I did buy a nice Emotiva mono amp to hopefully use to drive the sub. I just don't know what to use as an input into the mono amp. Theirs also the issue of feeding only low frequencies into the sub...........Can anyone help me.......HELP!!!!!!!!! Gene
You need an active external crossover between your preamp and your sub amp. There are 3 sets of outputs on your preamp use the 2nd L & R output to feed the crossover.

One excellent device, that will accomplish what you want, and be very transparent to your mains, is the Dahlquist DQ-LP1. They can be hard to find, at times. The are well worth the effort to seek out though. Passive High Pass/active Lo Pass, adjustable level for the low end, so you can match the levels with your mains. The unit will sum your channels, for one subwoofer/amp out, and so on. They usually bring at least what they sold for new, or slightly more. If you look for one, be certain to get the manual with it. ie: ( (
A copy of the manual and further info, can be found here, though you may have to copy/paste it in your url bar: ( )
You could, alternatively, sell the Emotiva amp and get something like the Crown XLS Series amp. They have big power capability and built-in crossover. Do a Google search for Crown XLS-1500, XLS-2000, etc...

The Crown XLS Series amps may be an viable alternative, if you can stand the noise that fans make, in your listening room. Personally, I've found that extraneous noise, even at a subliminal level, masks detail.
I have a DQ-LP1 to sell. It's in excellent condition, factory stock with manual. If interested (pics available) you can contact me (