How can I connect to 2 bluetooth devices at once on my TV

This is a very basic question and I need a pretty simple answer since I am not very sophisticated in these things! We have a Samsung TV with a Samsung sound bar. We recently got home theater seats that have bass shakers attached to a bluetooth Pyle amplifier. So I can EITHER pair the Pyle to my TV..then the chairs "shake" and a tiny sound comes out of the Pyle amp OR I can pair my soundbar and get sound out of my speakers but not both! Is there a way to pair both the Pyle and my sound bar? TIA


Generally you might be able to pair the speakers to each other but only pair one device at a time to the TV.

There ARE BT transmitters that go to 2 devices.

I have one for a "plane ride" tablet for 2 pair of NC headphones.

BUT they are cheap Chinese and it's gonna take you awhile to find one that works.

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