How can I connect spades to a banana amp

Hi all:

I've been using my Vandersteen 2ce signatures for 10 years - since purchase, with Cardas crosslink 15 - dealer terminated bulk cable. I've been gifted a pair of Hexlink 5c in the biwire configuration, but when I went to hook them up, my amp has a "collar" that allows bare wire or bananas only. How can I hook these standard spade cables to my amp with some sort of adaptor, please?

I'm guessing the substitution would be worthwhile, but I'd like to try it out before sending them back to the mother ship in Bandon, OR for a factory retermination at $142 + shipping. So, is there a cheep way to try it out?

My friend also gave me 4 pair of Hexlink 5c interconnects and these are a solid improvement over any interconnects I've ever used.

Appreciate your help,

google is a great tool and if you search the A'Gon forums:
they're on the way
Joe- In case you ever want to upgrade to the best.
Talking ´bout Cardas ???