How can I connect my TV to my Mc130

First let me say I am a novice when it comes to HT.My system consist of a MC130 pro.Oppo bdp 95 Blu-Ray player CJ five channel power amp TV LG LX 9500 custom made speakers.The Blu-Ray player as 5.1 and 7.1 output which I connect to the power amp the HDMI out to the TV works fine when I am playing 5.1.This is my problem if there is something on TV I would like to play through my HT system I have no sound.On the back of Mc130 there is a TV RCA input from the TV to the Mc130 input Iam lost I do not know how to connect from TV to Mc130.
Is it a MC130 or a MX130?
Do you have a cable box or satellite or just plain cable/antennae? If you have either a cable or satellite box it would be better to connect it to the processor. Otherwise the TV should have digital as well as RCA outputs that can go to the processor.
Thanks it a MX130 A/VControl Center
man had a serious army flashback with the MC-130 bit. felt just a little motion sick there for a minute!
If the TV has RCA connections marked "audio out" you can go from those to the pre/amp processor audio in. Usually, this will disconnect the TVs internal speakers.

However, if the audio outs are variable then you would have to set the volume with the TV volume control. Some TVs have a fixed audio out connection. That would be the one to use if yours has it.

Hope this helps
With the MX130 you are limited to composite or S-video for the video connections. But as mentioned above you can run the Left and Right out on the TV to the TV inputs on the MX130. If you have done this and still am not getting sound make sure that the TV has the outputs "activated", some TV's have an option in the menu to "deactivate the on board speakers and activate" the outputs. I have owned the C39 which was basically the same as the MX130, then I went to the MX132. But the Mcintosh pattern of doing things has remained the same for a number of models, once you get in thier logic, the others seem unlogical. One last question and this is not ment to insult you, do you have the owners manual if not has the MX130 available to print off at no charge. Good luck the MX130 is a well built component. As far as hooking up the Oppo use the analog six channel outs to the MX130 six channel inputs. And use the component video direct to the TV.
Thanks a lot for your help.