How can I bi-amp a 5-channel amp to my speakers ?

I've been listening a lot lately to some good 24/96 CD's in 2-channel format and would like to connect both front and rear channels to gain more headroom.I'm not very technically oriented so I want to make sure I do it right. A little help please.
If you're TRULY serious about doing this, the biggest benefit to bi-amping only comes when you go active and use and external crossover. The differences between passive bi-amping and active bi-amping are NOT subtle. Nor is such a set-up cheap or easy to do.

Otherwise, you could simply use a "splitter" or "y cord" out of the left / right jacks on the preamp and use interconnects to go to four different channels on the power amp. It would not matter which ones. You would then need to remove any "jumpers" that connect the high frequency section to the low frequency section of your speakers. Speaker cables from one channel of your amp would go to the lows, another set of speaker cables would go to the highs. Same set-up for the other stereo channel. This would double the power available to the speaker and should increase dynamics, impact and overall clarity. The biggest difference is apparent when pushing the volume up, as everything should play louder but sound cleaner and less congested. Sean
I've actively bi-amped my speakers and agree with Sean. In case you're curious: to actively bi-amp you'll insert an electronic crossover between the pre-amp and the power amps. One set of pre-amp outputs will feed a full spectrum signal to the crossover. Then the various outputs of the crossover will feed the various amplifiers (or channels of a multi-channel amp). The amp(s) will then be connected to the speakers.
Sorry for the delayed response.Thank you Sean and Macdonj for your mutual agreement on using an active crossover to properly bi-amp.It seems that it would probably be better to sell my current 5-channel amp( Rotel 985II ) and buy a more powerful 5-channel or 3-channel amp and forget the bi-amping.I love 2-channel but I'm not ready to give up my DVD theatre either.Perhaps some day I'll be able to splurge and have both premium stereo and theater systems.