How can Audio shows be improved?

Probably,just like me, you have had a keen interest in some new audio products and wanted to hear them, and as this opportunity often has been given (to us) at a show, you have likely, just like me,more than once been disappointed by the mediocre sound you heard(because of a less than optimal set-up) or by the hectic conditions or by the annoying disturbances from nearby rooms, that distructed you and me from forming a meaningful opinion.
If you agree to what I have written, and I suppose you do,
what can be done about it; how can shows be more rewarding to to their visitors?Are there even rather simple ways to
achieve this?
Here are some of my suggestions, and please, let me hear yours!
1)Education of salesmen in e.g room acoustics, because it shouldn´t be a suprise to them , that an empty room sounds
quite different from a room full of people!Some room treatment is nessecary to all rooms, that would be used as
a listening room, that is obvious to us consumers, and it should be obvious to salesmen or representatives as well.

2)Make admission fees different for each day of the show,
so that we, by paying more, can choose better conditions,
if we are seriously interested.

3)Investigate more into what the visitors want to get out
of a show. If the goal is simular to the visitors and to the
exhibitors, things are much more likely to turn out well!
A dialogue, is the key word here.

4)Make agreements among exibitors about soundlevels, e.g.
so that it is possible to play loudly, but only at certain
periods of time.

5)Try to do programs at the times stated,do that by better planning and better preparations.

6)Never should a salesperson disparage products, that he or she doesn´t represent.Leave all evaluation to the consumer.

7)Exebitors should evaluate each show, what did we do well,and what could have been made better? Some self-critisism may be fruitfull, and may be obviously and necessarily needed in order to keep the interest alive, because too much of mediocre sound(from products that could have sounded much better), too much of uninspiring music,
too much of crowded rooms, could easely be detrimental to our hobby!
I would like to see exhibitors do two things:

Put good signage in their rooms. If you want me to remember what I hear in your room, make sure I know what it is! Sound by Singer does an excellent job of this, with a large sign on the wall of each room listing all components in the system and their prices. I would also add signs on the components themselves (without prices).

Really try to make the rooms a place where people can listen. Take your conversations out to the hallway.
The biggest problem I see is the sound in many of the rooms. Some rooms with good equipment sounded really good in NY, and others that had great equipment (that I have heard in other venues) sounded terrible. This makes it very difficult to really get a good feel for much of the equipment displayed.

The other area that I really objected to was a few home theater displays that played SO LOUD they might as well have been using a PA system for a Rock concert. The end result would have been the same--too loud to have any idea if the system was any good or not.
All rooms should play show-goers' song requests. Many serious listeners bring their own software. Some rooms just played demos of their own software choices, of course to best show off their systems. Attendees have their own software which they know well, and playing a few of each would be helpful to all.
Wouldn´t it be nice, if for an hour or so by each day of the show, a short program with e.g. a)a classical full orchestrial piece of music, b) a jazz tune with some vocals
and c) a rock or pop tune, could occur at the same time.
If so, you could walk between the rooms comparing the
sound of each exebitor participating . Needless to say,
this should be done volontarely. Music for each category
could be choosen by drawing lots for,among(?) suggestions
from the particpants.Is this idea too utopian?
I personally would like to see a portion of the show dedicated to displays from hobbyists. Maybe there could be a "best sound of show" award for the hobbyist.

This idea came from my memories of car stereo shows.