How can a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC enhance my system?

How can a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC enhance my system? I just don't know how to integrate a PS Audio DAC into what I already have.

The meat and potatoes of my system is a McIntosh preamp and a McIntosh power amp.  I have all my music digitized in FLAC and DSF, stored on a Popcorn Hour A-500 networked media tank (built-in DAC) connected to my pream.

I also have a Marantz SACD connected to the preamp.  I am able to access the DAC in the Marantz directly with either a USB or Toslink cable.

Since I have a NMT, I have no need to store or stream music from a PC.  Where could a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC help me?



So if I was to use the PS Audio DAC in place of the DAC in my Marantz, wouldn't I just be improving the playback of my SACDs only?  My SACDs are a very small part of my digital collection on my A-500 NAS.  The PS Audio DAC is $8500 in my country which seems like a lot if all I am able to use it on is my SACD transport.  I'm hoping I've got this right.

Through the course of my reseach, it seems the DAC is best served when you have a music collection on a PC and the PC connected to the DAC by USB.  From what I can tell assuming I have this right, I don't fit this setup.

Thanks for the replies.

I would call PS Audio. They pride themselves on customer service, so they should be able to walk you through any issues. At least that’s what Paul claims. Can’t hurt. 

I have a PS Audio DSD DAC. It plays all the standard digital formats. If your Popcorn unit has a usb output that would make for an easy connection between it and the PS Audio DAC.

Make the call to PS Audio.  As Iwin stated the PSA DAC will play your digital formats.  The raw DSD layer of copyright protected SACD goes directly into your PS Audio DAC through I2S only.  



My Popcorn Hour A-500 has an ESS SABRE ES9023P audio DAC and plays all my digital formats including my library of DSF files.  Same with my Marantz SA-14S1 SACD.  It has a Cirrus Logic DAC and performs as you would expect from Marantz so I am not sure why I would want to bypass the Marantz DAC on the notion that it might sound better.

I'm sure if I called PS Audio they would take great pleasure in telling me why I should use their DAC.

I had an opportunity to pick up a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC.  I read the DAC connects directly to the power amp, in my case a McIntosh MC500, so what do I do with my McIntosh C48 preamp?