how can a line cord affect frequency response ?

i have personally auditioned over 10 different manufacturer's line cords. i hear differences. i don;'t understand how a line cord can affect treble response or bass response.

can someone provide an explanation ?
robert, please read my post on the purpose of a stereo system.

i think you're attempt to sell is most inappropriate.

your gratuitous comments about your products and your implications about euphoric colorations are not appreciated.

perhaps i want to use cables to flavor the sound of a stereo system. i would therefore be curious to hear of the products which you imply are euphorically colored. care to name names, or will you criticize from afar. your comments are unprofessional, and unfortunatively indicative of what's wrong with the high end industry.

Your threads do seem to attract attention.

I was emailing with a buddy that I met here at Audiogon and the subject turned towards my dad, who will probably only be with us for a few more weeks or days. My dad fixed electronics and operated a store in Brooklyn from right after the war (1945) until he got sick in 1977. Back then, when a tube blew or a power cord needed replacing ... you just replaced it. The tubes that you used, were the ones that the supply house had or better still, were running a special on, as it kept the repair cost down. My dad preferred "cheetah" power cords (the cloth jacket type whose threads were woven to look like a cheetah's fur) as they would diffuse the heat better, but they typically only found their way onto steam irons (for obvious reasons).

My dad and I would get into discussions about the new technology ... 8 track tapes; cassettes; quadrophonic; hi-powered amps ... because he couldn't understand why the need for all this new stuff. He was a mono and tube man and few things sounded better to him than a Grundig console that he had in his store.

In re-reading your threads, maybe the answer to what you are after is in restoring some prime vintage equipment and using interconnects and power cords that interfere with the vintage sound as little as possible.

I have read so many theories as to why power cords and ICs do what they do. I am not sure if I believe all of it ... so much of it is either theoretical only and not audible or only truly noticeable when someone calls attention to it. Ozfly did a good job in summing up a lot of what you'll read. I do recognize though that the final effect is different with different equipment. Since I prefer a warmish and moderately detailed sound I have made out well with Signal Cable ICs & PCs; Better Cables ICs; and Cardas ICs and PCs. I deliberately mix "copper only" IC's & cables with silver/copper hybrids as that gives me the warmth/moderate detailed sound that I like. My systems do a good job of putting me to sleep ... but, I always thought that was because I was tired, though.

Maybe rather than flavor the sound of your system, stick with vintage ...
which got the mids right, the bass warm, and left out the highs.

Regards, Rich
Just to be clear, I don't think the op's q has been answered, and that that is that there is no explaination as to how a PC can change the frequencey response of a device.

Easy question, easy answer!

One point is most power supply designers will assume they can design in any properties that a power cord may add to the mix, essentially negating the PCs affects to the sound. But that would eliminate the revenue source of many vocal suppliers and buyers, so that point is not well taken.

I guess an alternate approach is to modify your existing equipment's power supplies, which manypeople prefer to take.

Mrt, I did read your post and I understood what you wrote. Please re-read my post and correctly understand what I wrote. You simply asked for an explanation and I gave ours. I didn't say that cabling that provides coloration duties was an evil thing. While I understand the value of coloring the sound and some folks preference for components that do such, it's simply not my approach...that's all. It's a good thing there is more than one road to Euphoria since everyone's preference for the big "E" is a little different.

"perhaps i want to use cables to flavor the sound of a stereo system." Okay, good for you!

"your comments are unprofessional, and unfortunatively indicative of what's wrong with the high end industry." Sorry you feel that way. Some wonder why more manufacterers don't post more often. I don't. I anticipate almost every time I post I'm gonna get slugged for something. I could also say that your apparent inability to understand what's written and the overly suspicious attitude that draws off base conclusions is part of what's wrong with our society. I bet having a beer with you would be fun...really, no slam.

Cheers Friend.

Hi Cleo.

Thanks and you're welcome, glad you like Vol.II. I'm still kind of struggling with some of the selections.

Hi Wellfed.

The Z-der came out of our research of power cords. It basically re-clocks and corrects the relationship between the voltage and current that comes out of the wall. You're welcome to contact us directly if you'd like a more thorough explanation or a URL.

Sell, sell, sell! (what an antagonist I am) LOL!