How Big is Your Music Collection

Just wondering, how big is your music collection. This includes CDs, SACDS, DVDs, LPs.
I personally have 1000+ Cds, 0-SACDS, 60 DVD concerts, and 0-LPs. It is interesting to see you input.
1000+ CD's

2 SACD's (hybrid)

10 concert DVD's

0 LP's
12,000 LP's, 1,000 CD's, 600 SACD's, 330 production Master reels, and about 15 music DVD-Videos.

All approximations, although fairly accurate.
750+ CD`s, 32 Music/Concert Laser Discs,
23 Music/Concert DVD`s, 28 LP`s,
250 cassettes, 120 Minidiscs-110 are recorded on,
299 VHS Video tapes of Music Videos/Concerts,
46-49 DVD-RW discs of VH1 Classic Metal Mania and
Rock Fest.
I`m a MUSIC fan, NOT a MOVIE fan.
(The margin of error is 1-2 either way).
WOW Jes45!!

I did not even know they had made 600 SACD's!!

Can I ask how you store 12,000 LPs?

I have storage for about a tenth of that, and my wife says no more now that it is almost full!

How about you send those open reel production masters to my home for evaluation? I promise not to give them back.
Jes45 - That's only about a year and a half of music playing 24/7....a bit more if you factor in all the lp cleaning and flipping sides. You may need a bit of time to swap out that stylus too. You're gonna get awfully bored after that year and a half is up. You'll have to listen to the same song twice! Better get busy supplementing that modest collection of yours. Come back and post once you're ready to run with the big boys!

I guess this is supposed to be a reality check: I wonder how many here have more invested in their system than in their software. I guess even Jes' system approaches his collection in (money) value...

And to answer you question, in my current place there are about

500+ CDs
200+ LPs
30 (Hybrid!!!) SACDs
3 concert movies

Some extra CDs (100+) are with my wife in Canada, and about another 150+CDs and 150+LPs are back in Germany and can't wait to be moved someday.
Marco (Jax2), looking at your many great music recommendations here on Agon, your collectio can't be that far away from Jes'.

Jes, only recently have I seen this many LPs. I guess I am still to young to remember this many records in one place. I finally found a store that must have a collection in the 50.000-100.000 records. That store has more than 10 shelves (10ft high and about 15ft long). I have to say I was quite impressed the first time I walked in there.
CD's- 550
SACD's- 2 but listened to as cd's
LP's- 60
DVD-V's- 4

And always growing!
1200+ CD's
1000+ LP's
In the mix of CD's there are no SACD or DVD, but I do have a decent number of XRCD's, Gold CD's, and other audiophile quality CD's. It's too early in the morning to go and count them. I think the XRCD's are the best I've heard for two channel.
I still have boxes of 100's of cassette tapes I recorded from my albums.
Basically, to repeat what many a girlfriend has said when they see my collection: "Oh my God, it's huge!"
I've thinned out my LP collection and I'm down to about 500. My CD collection is at about 4500, needs more thinning out, but recent additions have slowed substantially and I've gotten lazy. No SACD's, just redbook.
Collecting 12,000 records wasn't tough back in the 80's when so many audiophiles and regular folks were dumping their records for the new and improved CD format.

I live in Eastern Washington, but placed ads in every medium to large newspaper within a 600 mile drive. Many jazz collections were bought for less that $3 record, usually at a dollar per record.

Storage was tough, until I had a contractor make built in record shelves in my listening room and in the den.

I do have about 2 to 3 thousand records culled out, which will be donated to the local public radio station annual record sale. (Please help support public radio).

Albert: You promise NOT to give them back? Hmm, I'll get back to you. Actually, I believe that you have been getting production master copies from the same guys I have been getting mine. Unfortunately, they're busy guys ...
Around 6000 CDs, 1200 LPs (I sold about 4000 of them over the years), around 200 DAT tapes, 180 open reel REVOX tapes, 0 SACDs and 24 music-DVDs.
Hate to disappoint Restock, but I am just yanking Jack's chain. Glad you enjoy
the recommendations, regardless, and thanks for that complement. Yes, it is
the music itself that lead me to this crazy hobby, and it's what matters most
to me. But I am not a 'collector-type' (at least not in the sense of some here),
and in fact would prefer to purge as much as possible from the "
stuff" that I do own on virtually every front. I've been ripping my tiny
collection to a hard drive after which I plan to sell off most of it that I don't
listen to as much. I sold what remained off what remained of my entire LP
collection about two years ago to a fellow A'goner (only about 400 LPs). I no
longer have a turntable. Recently went from separates to an integrated in my
home system (still have separates at work, and do prefer them). You get the
picture...I'm trying to simplify. Besides, I need the space to store all my
Hummel Figures and Hello Kitty stuff. I'm still constantly looking for new
music, and friends are always introducing me to both new and old. I too
have got some great recommendations right here in the music forums
(thanks to all who contribute there). But I no longer have the desire to actually
hang on to it least not as hard-copy. I'll leave the bragging rights to
the John Holmes and Ron Jeremy's of the collector world, and keep my own
pants on and zipped up. I actually do listen to music most of the working
day, as it is playing constantly at my studio most of the time. This may make
some of you shudder at the thought, but the Public Libraries in most big
cities are a vast resource for diverse music. You can check out CD's just as
you would books.

Jax2: I didn't collect 12,000 LP's because I wanted bragging rights, or because of inadequacy, I did it because it became an addiction, almost like a disease. I guess that music hasn't had that effect on you yet.

Ask around this site or AA; I'll bet you that at least 30 percent will admit that they have to stop by every yard sale, thrift store and record store that they find. How many times do we see posts asking for record store recommendations in various cities? I used to stop by record store in cities when we were on family vacations. I have an understanding Wife ...

I bought primarily jazz LP collections. There were rare records that I really wanted and just kept hoping that the next house visit would turn up a rare Blue Note that I wanted. This said, in those days, it didn't take long to acquire that many records.

In those days it was easy to get a large collection quickly. There were plenty of guys dumping their vinyl for cheap. I was more than happy to help these guys out.

One day at a time Jack!

No offense was intended, in case you may have taken it that way. Many of my
closest friends are compulsive. Addictions take many forms. I totally get it!
Been there myself. You should see my Hello Kitty collection!

Jack, I'm thinking of installing a sign above my front door:

"Public Library"

I've got a few.
Probably 5000 LP's since culling out old junk rock and "non music" audiophile recordings.

6 master dupes, all of which are 10.5 inch reel @15 inch per second and half track. Some amazing music, including Aerosmith "Toys in the Attic," Duke Ellington "Blues in Orbit" and Billy Holiday. Wish I had more of these and working on it.

I have owned and culled through at least 10,000 LP's. During my lifetime I acquired a lot of music that I outgrew or was purchased spur of the moment, only later to realize it did not have staying power. My current LP collection is very important to me with no titles I could give up.

I recently began purchasing prerecorded open reel tape and have about 90, 7.5 inch per second quarter and half track's most of which are Jazz. Only 300 CD's and a hand full of SACD's.
Can you say OCD?
(+ or -) 10,000 LPs
(+ or -) 1,100 45s
(+ or -) 40 R2Rs
(+ or -) 125 CAS
(+ or -) 500 RBCD
(+ or -) 10 SACD
(+ or -) 25 HDCD
No, I'm sure I can make more room in the kitchen!
I have approximately 1700 LPs, 200 CDs, and 12 SACDs. The music contained within is priceless to me.
I have nearly 1,900 commercial CD titles, about 50 SACDs, a couple hundred LPs and more cassettes and CDRs than you can shake a stick at.
About 4,000 LPs, 50 CDs, 0 SACD, 0 DVD
85% of the collection is classical music.
2500 - 3000 LPs (50% Classical, 25% Jazz, 25% Rock)
200 - 300 Redbook CDs
20 SACDs
200 DAT Master tapes (My own live recordings)
150 Cassette Masters (My own recordings)
10-15 Reel to Reel at 7.5ips
Approx. 1500 LP, 1000 CD, 14 SACD (gave away player but about half of them are hybrid), 9 DVDA & a few boxes full of old cassetes & 8-tracks.
2000 CDs (60% jazz, 30% classical, 10% pop)
150 SACDs
200 LPs
3000 MP3 albums (downloaded from emusic while downloads were unlimited)
15-16 hundred CD's
About 100 SACD's
12-13 hundred records
About 500 prerecorded reels lot of 1/2 track and old jazz, classical. Lots of stuff from the 50's.


Paul :-)
I have 100,000 LPs
and 200,000 CDs

na kidding - I just wanted to say I have the most.

I really don't have a lot. I have about 100+ CDs and 80+ LPs. If I were to sit down and listen to all my music it would take too much time to hear it all (not to mention that I listen to my favorites over and over again). So, what's the point of having so much when you can't possibly listen and appreciate it all (unless you're retired). I should sell some of it to buy more new music.

LPs - 4,400
cds - 1500
cassettes - 400
r-2-r - 125
SACD/DVD/DVA, etc., etc. - zero!
thanks guys for your participation. It seems that the majority own LPs rather than Cds, I personally never owned a turntable nor any Lp in my life, I might be missing lots.. I have at least contributed 15,000 Dollars to the muscic industry by buying those CDs.
I have about 1400 LPs and maybe 300 CDs. I also have maybe 50 SACDs, I've never counted them seperately. I have been winnowing a lot of stuff out the last few years.
I've about...

1980 CD's
120 SACD's
23 XRCD's, all Chicago or Boston except... Dire Straits
20 music DVD's
60 CDR's, concerts
200 CDR's, for the car
5 or 6 broken cassettes
75 45's
450 LP's and no TT!!!
Not me, but my father has about 15,000 cd's and maybe 5000 albums, all classical, opera, and such...all in perfect alphabetical order, 90% un-opened, he listens seriously about 8 hrs per week on weekends..probably 10 come in mail a week...BMG and such must have a poster of my dad with a candle lit in a shrine. My dad studied pipe organ in college, and has an upwards of $40,000 lexicon, clase and legacy audio system, I got the bug from him, he is with out a doubt obsesive compulsive with collecting music, but hey its better then alot of other addictions.
CD - 2000
SACD - 160
DVD-A - 60
DVD-V - 75
600 LPs (85% classical, 15% rock), 450 CDs, 200 cassettes, 10 SACDs, 10 DVD concerts, 10 VHS concerts, 10 LD concerts, 300 VHS movies, 100 LD movies, 580 DVD movies, and a AM/FM tuner.
Jax2: "One day at a time"

I know it well, Brother, I know it well. It took me 20 years to break the record 'fix', to lose the monkey.

Mind if I call you the next time I'm "jones-ing'?

With the size of some of these collections it seems kind of silly when you read reports titled along the lines of "Music industry reports sales decline for 2nd straight quarter". Are we audiophiles the only ones buying new music?

Oh, and to answer the question...I've not officially counted but a safe guess is around 500+ CDs and 200+ LPs. I am really slow to acquire new music and buy only what I intend to actually listen to. I keep a stack of new stuff on hand all the time and do not buy more until it runs low.

I don't know how you guys with 5000+ LPs store them all!

CD's 550+
LP's 150+
DVD Concerts 15

The Wifes
CD's 300+
LP's 0

The amazing thing in our collections we have very little overlap.
Wow! Suddenly I feel so inadequate.
About 1200 CD's
1 record - ZZ Top Eliminator! I won it at my high school raffle.
Beats me. I can't get in the door to count anymore. Last yard sale it was either the toilet goes or leave 'em outside. Oh well... rain sure is cold this spring
How big is your...... I think this forum consists mostly of guys.
I'd propose an algorithm. Divide your titles by your age. Don't list your age or your number of titles, just say.....

tfkaudio = 55.128

If your number is greater than 365, you are a Wizard, a True Star.

Jes45 sez
I did it (collect LPs/ music) because it became an addiction, almost like a disease.
Yup, as you say, exactly. Very much like a disease!

And this can reach ridiculous levels on classical: +500 LPs and a few cds of Beethoven Symphonies & p. concerti + violin concerto; +200 on Mahler's symphonies...

I used to have ~4000 LPs & ~2000 cds for "current listening" and another 6000 LPs (forgotten) in boxes...

I'm pretty reasonable nowadays having, as Albert above, selected amongst the cds & LPs the ones I really want... in all, ~5000 LP and ~ 1.500 cds (~75% classical).

At the end of the day, I can't anymore afford the sport of buying, listening and reselling (or keeping) s/ware anymore (two kids, one wife, etc).
I'm sure I'm younger than most of you guys so that can explain that I only have 300 CD - 40 LP - 2 Audio DVD - 0 SACD
1500 CDs, 20 SACDs, 100GB of Variable Bit Rate MP3s accessed via iTunes!

about 3500 CD's, 500+ LP's, and 15 or so concert DVD's. Oh ya, and about 20,000 mp3's on my hard drive :)
1000 + lps and 600 cds. Still growing!!
200 LP's, 1000+ Cd's, 30 SACD and DVD-a's....too bad it looks like these are novelties, like a Minidisc or DAT...
Approx 1500 cds.
Maybe we should start a support group for those guys that can't pass a yard sale on a Saturday, or a record store in another City?

Lkdog is a psychiatrist ...