How big a deal is the 120 hz feature on new TV's?

I've seen Plasma'[email protected] for $1700.
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Maybe something's changed...but not that long ago the 120HZ only pertained to LCD there can be some motion blurring without it (really shows up for Sports)... The 120HZ feature resolves one of the few cons of an LCD TV. It's not a gimmick it truly makes a difference!

That being said...Plasmas have come a long way...and can really be an excellent value....inch for inch, less expensive than a comparable quality LCD...

In my opinion...the biggest factor in choosing between an Plasma and an the ambient light...if it's a bright room with windows...get an LCD. My TV room is in the basement...and plasma works spectacularly.
I'm not sure what to get. I've been looking at the Samsung 3 LED DLP.
I have a Samsung 61" LED DLP. This month's face off in Home Theater Mag didn't like it and I can see some of their issues but only from very close up or they're not as distracting to me. If you want to email me, perhaps we can talk about it, I looked at many and researched for quite a while before I bought, probably just like you.
Very on LCD's. You need all the bandwidth you can get if you are going to match 24 frames. Look at the Sharp 64 series. They also have a gaming unit the g3u, not the g1u. The problem with LCD's is the viewing angle, limited compared with plasma. Remember some high end lcd computer monitors like the Gateway 30", don't have 120 but beat any LCD TV when it comes to gaming. You figure.
It's a big deal.

For me, someone who watches lots of movies, the greys, blacks and shadow detail aren't good enough yet - they're better on SOTA LCDs like Sony XBR and Sharp, but they're not quite good enough yet for me. Plasmas still beat LCDs hands down for shadow detail and deep blacks. My other hassle with LCDs is the viewing angles.

If you're not a movie watcher then you might be very happy with an LCD.
What LCD/size monitor do you guy's use for PC? Since Samsung's are dual purpose, they seem to be a good buy(especially the 32")...yummy.
I am curious about this too as I am currently shopping for a LCD.....
I think 120 Hz might pertain to other technologies as I saw it as a feature on a Samsung DLP.

I saw the difference today, quite noticeable. There was a Nascar clip on and the were streaming the leaders names across the scene. You could see how much smoother it was with the 120 hz "smooth" feature the Samsung had. What is it called, Auto Motion Plus (AMP) or something?