How best to upgrade

I invested in my present set up years ago to play vinyl discs and as an afterthought added a cd player as vinyl lost favour. It was largely unused for many years as our children grew up, however recently I have re-discovered music (CDs) but feel my enjoyment is being curtailed by the lack of quality of 1 or more components. I want to upgrade but am not sure where to start, or indeed whether I would be better advised to discard everything and start again from scratch. Any help would be gratefully received.

My current CD set up consists of:

Creek Audio 4040 Amplifier
Monitor Audio R252 Speakers
Arcam Delta 70.2 CD Player
I would suggest:
Determine your budget
Prioritise what you want
Understand your room/listening position
Consider appropriate room treatment
Audition appropriate speakers
Find appropriate matching amp for speakers
Find appropriate matching pre/lne controller for amp
Find appropriate sources
Find appropriate rack/stand for gear
Choose appropriate cables
Set up appropriately
Reconsider appropriate room treatment

Good luck!
Not sure where to start? Listen more...

Seriously, consider all that Unsound listed but on top of that just listen even more. After you do a bunch of that are there just certain CDs where you think the sound is "just off" or after listening more and more and more is there something in general that you think ain't quite what you want today. And that's another point - remember that your hearing has probably changed a little over those years and you might not appreciate the same overall sound you once did. If you think that's on target then probably concentrate on speaker alternatives (or room improvement) - or maybe just listen more to start to (re-)catch those subtleties you used to really like about listening to your stuff.
Reposition your speakers, listen for a few weeks, then reposition them again, listen again and so on and on....... until you get it like you want it.
Try a tube CD player like this Anthem CD1. Less fatigue, more musicality, bigger sound stage. You won't be disappointed.
I don't know where you live, but if it's possible, I would build a relationship with a good audio dealer who can demonstrate the possibilites for you. I know it can be a little intimidating, but otherwise, you're just stabbing around in the dark. People who post here are well-meaning, but just because something pleases their taste has no bearing on whether it will make your system more enjoyable.

If a dealer is absolutely out of the question due to geography, you're just going to have to go through a process of upgrading each component at a reasonable used cost, and then selling it if it doesn't work out. Not the best way to go IMO. Good luck.
Hi there,

It may not be the "green" solution, but I know most of that gear and I'd start over. Not that it was bad stuff by any means, but there's a ton of great small speakers out there and many more options. I would not start with the CD player. My friends and I just spent quite a bit of time auditioning and listening (in our own systems) several DACs and good to very good CD players. While these sources effect the system, they are not the major play in the system sound on the level that speakers and amp/pre are. For myself I went with Merlin and Manley since the synergy with those components is well known. My friend is using ARC and Vandersteen for the synergy he likes. Digital sources come and go and it's clear (at least to us and everyone we know) that they are not the foundation in the way that a turntable is.
In the meantime, work out a budget and read up on the latest sonic flavors in gear..and have fun!