How best to sell my dad's McIntosh integrated amp, CD player speakers?

My dad and I sat for many hours listening to music on his McIntosh stereo equipment as I grew up. Now he's gone, and the equipment he bought in 1998 is too big for my little house. I've checked the Bluebook values of the components, and I  had a former McIntosh engineer clean, check, and repair the amp and CD player in April 2019. Spent over $1,000 doing that (I'm retired, funds are limited). Have not replaced cables, power cords yet or been able to test the system as a whole. I need to sell the system, but I live in a small town, about 3 hours from the nearest big city. What would be the best way to make final needed improvements (without spending a fortune) and then sell the system at a fair price? The components are ( all McIntosh ): 
  • MCD7009 CD player 
  • MA6850 integrated amplifier 
  • 2 LS360 speakers 
  • Cables are Tributaries 
I have the original owner manuals and receipts of purchase and service. I'm obviously not an audio person, but I did spend much of my career as a librarian working with sound recordings in libraries and museums, which I loved. I love my dad's system but I can't maintain and use it as it should be used. Thanks for any suggestions on how to get started selling it.

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