How badly does price drop for RIP manufacturer?

I have noticed posts of companies that have gone under. It is obvious that prices fall for gear from manufacturers that have gone under, but what happens to prices of gear whose restoration is practically impossible due to very specific components. Components that were made to order?
Examples of these might be things like:
The Sumo Polaris amps, that have a specific type of mosfet for the output stages.
Another example might be older gear, older Japanese RIP manufacturers like Sansui from the 70s.
Furthermore, the Spica speakers that had closed match tolerance drivers and perhaps crossover components.

Would you contemplate spending money, eventhough a minimal % of the original MSRP for gear that might die in the next sonic meltdown?
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Platinum Audio Solo stand-mounted monitor loudspeakers deliver sound quality far beyond what one expects at the used price of $600 per pair. Attractive styling, and compact size make it home environment friendly. It features quality bass extension, and accuracy that owners of monitor speakers are always swearing they don't really miss.
The sub-woofer you don't crave makes this even more of a bargain.
Even though the designer moved to China, and his company closed its doors, he left behind some of his best work for the rest of us to enjoy.
Sansui is still in business although they keep a low profile in the US. There used classic products are still well thought of and garner respectible resell prices.

Since Platinum went out of business it has become difficult to find replacement parts for their speakers. Does anyone out there know where parts can be obtained? If so, let me know.
I think the Threshold people are still around and might be willing to work on the Forte if ever needed.

He's very good and can IMPROVE your amps performance.
The Forte while nice is very upgrade prone. For minimal $ you too can own a state of the art amp.

After a long time passes, some gear becomes vintage collectors items and the price goes up above MSRP..
Depends on the product. Have you priced a Rembrandt lately?

That analogy seems a bit misplaced; keep in mind the context and subject matter of the question.
I second Roskoe's response.

I found your response funny.

Brad the case of spica. drivers for the tc-60 can still be obtained.

in the case of apogee (unique sounding ribbon, class of their own imo) there are audio clubs that still have parts.

in the case of pricing....if it is a classic ( tubed marantz comes to mind) they will appreciate in price.

so the price issue is desirablilty / musicality and the repair factor.

hope that helps.

Roskoe...A Rembrandt merely illustrates a general principle. Would you prefer that I cite a Dynaco Mk3 Tube Power amp? They sell for about six times what I paid when they were new.
Truly a bad analogy since the Rembrandt, any Rembrandt, is a one off deal. All of the equipment suggested in the original question were mass produced and exist in large multiples.
This raises the other influence on price with vintage gear --- availibility.