how are you ripping DVD audio to your computer?


What are you using to archive, capture, or rip high res audio from DVDs, DVDA's, etc, for playback on your personal confuser?

Here's one Jim..I haven't used it though DVDaExplorer.

Here may lay a few more if you like to experiment software informer.

Thanks G man... I'll look into them.

I've almost finished the new in wall DVD/CD shelving enclosure, and all my audio DVDs are scattered all across Hell's half acre. I couldn't find one now if it was a matter of life or death.... but will soon.

you'd think by now, ripping either segments of both video and audio in native res, or audio alone, in high res would be not too hard a task for the average user.

I did download a trial of "xillisoft" which reputedly allows for this. $30 for the registered version.

Ultimately I'd like to make compilations of songs off dVDs, like an MTV playlist either with or without the video portion.
Looks like not too many do it or avow they do it, maybe now they will/can with one of these:

DVD extractor - $32.50

xillisoft = $29.95 - well supported friendly people.

dvdexplorer - free
There is supposed to be a step by step guide posted or linked to Audio Circle for this freeware app. I suggest anyone using this app read that guide/info... or not.
I guess I am a little late to this but...
I use dvda explorer for the 5 or 6 dvda's that I own. Took a little trial and error to get it going. But what should. I expect for free software?