How are Von Schweikert speakers?

Especially the VR-4 gen III, VR-3.5 and LCR35? What is the main difference in sound between VR4 and 3.5. Thanks.
Vr4 gen IIIs go all the way down to 20hz and are somewhat larger than the 3.5s.The LCR 35 is probably one of the best centers around.THe entire new linup has had nothing but rave reviews.
Where are the reviews? Thanks.
I've spoken with Albert (Von Schweikert), and have listened to the speakers. They rank among the best. They are not as mainstream as B&W, Revel, and other, but him speakers are virtually hand-built, and they are wonderful
Von Schweikert speakers are notorious for having many generation updates year after year, (until each model is discontinued or completely revised). This has me wondering if each model is a "work in progress" , for the consumer to buy, as the development has yet to be finished into a refined product. Everyone I have known who has bought Vons has eventually replaced them with other, more established brands (Dunlavy, Aerial and Proac in each my freinds cases). If you decide to buy them, make sure that you check the used market first. Last year, when one of my buddiesy tried to sell his Vr4's, he was competing against 14 others that were also for sale! (He ended up getting a fraction of what he wanted) One thing is for sure, Von Schweikert speakers do not hold their value.
As for the last post that could not be further from the truth.The fact is VSA speakers hold their value and as for continuing upgrades that is just a crock.The VR3,VR4,VR4 genIIs,VR6,VR8 were never changed in their run. When VSA went under a # years ago their were no speakers built.If you were in the market for any of his speakers you paid roghly half the cost of retail for seakers 4 years old.In the electronic world that is a pretty good return on your money.

As for his new line up,go to and you can read the reviews from various trade magazines.He won best sound in show at CES in 2000.He is the chief designer for Eggleston and has won many awards for his designs.Personally, I would take a VR7 or VR5 over any Dunlavy.
I presently own the VR7's and have owned the VR6's. They are just the best damn speakers out there. I went from my VR6's to the Talon Khorus' which is a terrific speaker. Yet something was always missing. I got the VR7's and I am just completely taken by the music again. I am finding myself getting lost in the music. I also have the LCR 31 center channel for a separate home theater system. I think that Albert builds the best. I have auditioned many speakers and the only combo that I thought held a candle to the VR7's were the $85,000 PipeDreams powered by $60,000 worth of Audio Research Ref 600's and Levinson's for the sub modules.
And I did not think they sounded better than my Lamm and Vr7 setup. Enjoy.
I second Sattothestars post.
i have a 5 month old pair of reference vr5 hse speakers and they are superb.the cabinetry is amazing.they are solid.the sound is the best i have heard at their price and multiples of it.they are still breaking in but the transparency,transients,soundstaging,vocals and micro/macro details are superb. i recently had the oportunity to compare them with the piega p10 speakers with the same front end gear and they didn't take a back seat. albert does make great speakers.
Yes, I would have preferred buying from a retailer, but after hearing the VR5, that was out of the question. Buying from Albert, as it turns out is better than dealing with a dealer. After listening to speakers in the 20k category for 7 months, I chose the VR5 HSE. He knows how to voice a speaker. If you want your music to sound like the instrument that created it, listen to the VR5 and VR7.

How much did you pay?
Also try to listen to the DB-100's if you can. Supposedly they are even better than the VR-7's.
$9000 for the HSE version. The 100db are more dynamic, but don't look as nice (the black sock) and have a much larger footprint. The VR5 does so much for it's rather small size.
Thanks Doctorb. I am interested possibly in a VR-5 for a bedroom system. My impression of the earlier Von Schweikert speakers were that while they had an excellent low end, they were kind of overly dark sounding, except for the VR-6, which was overly bright. I have heard that the VR-5 and VR-7 have excellent midrange transparency and high frequency detail while maintaining that killer low end. Can you confirm this?
I HAVE VR6 and so far these are the best speakers i have ever heard.i do not find them bright at my room the rear tweeter needs to be between 8:30 and 9:00.killer speakers. RICH
Rayhall, and anyone else who's interested, if you live in the metro NYC area and want to audtition the VR-5HSEs or VR-7s, drop me a note.
As member calloway what he thinks about these compared to Piega.