How are Time Life cd's for sound?

I've got on the tele the infomercial on about they're 50's Rock and Roll cd. I run digital only and don't have a lot of cd's from the 50's and 60's in my collection when I was growing up and not sure what to get. I thought about getting some of the series to find more albums to buy. They say it is digitally remastered. Do the Time Life series give a good remix of sound or is it the over-emphasized bass of some of the remixs. Let me know and thanks.

Haven't heard the Time/Life's. Best 50's collection I've run across is Rhino's "Loud, Fast, And Out of Control". It's out of print, but worth tracking down. You can check the set list on Amazon and they have used copies at 70 bucks. A bit pricey, but the mastering and accompanying book are excellent. Good listening!
Sound quality varies quite a bit, even within collections. Some cuts sound really nice, others are compressed and lifeless. Overall, not bad, I have no qualms about buying any of their sets.