How are the phono sections in lower priced BAT???

Saw new BAT intergated starts at $4K for 150 watts and let's you add $500 phono section (Also $500 and $1K for changing line section from SS to 6922 and 6H30 respectively).Got me to thinking about proportion of cost in pre's of phono sections.Was thinking if i could get a VK5i that might be what I would be looking at.Given it's list how much could you get out of VK3i?But when I look at getting their outboard then it get's 'spensive.But wondering what BAT phono's sound like up against say and Acoustech.Here from Grado they have a $500 or so section coming out.And given their rep for value am intrigued by Rogue $800/$1750 sections.Plan to eventaully have a table with multiple arms so front adjustments may may make Rogue or other easy to set gear the priority.But IU digress.How are those BAT's for those of us heavy into wax spinnin'?
I cannot answer your question regarding the phono stages but I can say that I have a VK50SE in one system and a VK3i in another and am a happy camper with both. The 50SE needs no comment and the 3i although an entry-level piece according to BAT I retubed and matched cables and the synergy is fantastic in my second system, to the point that I'm not actively seeking upgrades, and I'm an upgrade-loving basket case. Do let us know what you end up with and your thoughts.
You can't get a phono section for the 5i can you?
I can't personally comment on the phono card for bat preamps that take them. But I own a VKP5 and a VKP10, both are awesome. Knowing BAT, it's great for the money, and since you don't need interconnects, likely, that helps a little to.
Phonocard for Bat preamps(P3) definitely can’t be installed on 5i. This combination just doesn’t make sense given their relative quality. IMHO, P3 card should be used in the vinyl setup only if you value convenience over quality. It’s decent for asking price, but you can find standalone unit under 1K that would be easily better.
P5 and P10 are exceptional phonostages. P5 in my system just crashed well-regarded AudioResearch PH3. I saw one on the audiogon for $1300. If you can stretch your budget, it’s a great match for 5i.
You can't get a phono section for the 5i, 50 or 50se. You can get them for the vk3,vk30 or vk30se. I use my 5i with an arc ph-3 and have outstanding vinyl playback. I do plan to try out a vk30se with phono stage someday.