How are the blue note RVG CD's?

After seeing a recent thread about the pricey used Blue Note LP's, esp. japanese pressings, what are your opinions of the sound quality of the recently re-mastered by Rudy Van Gelder editions, done I think in 1999-2002 or so, on a 24 bit system. I bought a bunch for around $12.99 each, and on my Rega Jupiter 2000 think they sound pretty darned good. Anyone else?
On the whole the Lp's sound better. Yet, since the price of some are exorbitant and many are impossible to find,the CD's are a more than acceptable compromise. The music is great and you have the added benefit of alternate takes. That being said, I would still keep a lookout for the occasional find at a used record store or such like. This assumes your turntable is comparable in quality to your CD player.
I've picked up a few as well, very nice sound and even better I found a bunch for $10.99. For even better sound check out the K2's from JVC, they use the some mastering process as XRCD's but at regular cd prices. K2's are some of the best sounding cd's I have and the titles are some of the best classic jazz.
hey jond
i looked on jvc site couldn`t find k2`s
The correct website is, the process it jvc but the music is licenced to Fantasy Records.
Get your RVGs at for $7.99 each!
You can often find the Fantasy K2s in brick & mortar music stores. They will credit a JVC engineer on the back for the remastering, so they're easy to distinguish from regular issues. If a K2 is available (and should have a complete list), they're the way to go. If not, the RVGs aren't bad. Blue Note also has a "Connoisseur" line, also remastered.
I have a remastered RVG Blue Note Kenny Burrell "Midnight Blue" CD & I think that it sounds really very good. The tube mic hiss overtakes what should be a dead quiet spot but that's what tube mics did when there was so much gain in the system! I don't mind it at all, as I feel that the remastering job is trying to reproduce what was on those master tapes to begin with.
I can't figure the qaulity of the RVG CD re-issues, some of them like the kenny burrel you mentioed above sound great. Others seem to be extremly harsh and bright. I borrowed a copy of Dexter Gordons "GO"...very bright, remasterd in 1998, i think 24 bit if my memory serves me correctly. Wayne shorters "speak no evil" has me diving for the tone controls. I own a lot of the RVG series and i could go on and on and mention various differant titles by name, some sound ok other do not. I'm not a sound engineer but having read a number of books and aticles about blue note it was said that the attention to detail, including rehearsal time, studio preperation etc was second to none and much was better than that of other jazz labels at the time. many of the RVG recordings were made in the same why the differance in presentation and sound qaulity? to my ears the verve/fantasy/prestige re-issues sound better. Having said that I still love the music.
Just a note: Many RVGs were recorded in his parents living room. This is not a joke.
I agree that some of the RVG remasters are exceedingly bright. Compensation for hearing loss? But a lot of great music, as everyone has said.
A pile of new Blue Note RVGs reissues are forthcoming this Feb (2005) according to my local retailer.
I just bought a pile of the currently available RVG remastered and am happy.
I have enjoyed the few I have. I have a Hank Mobley and and Art Blakey.
Very nice photo-essay on RVG in the current issue of Tracks magazine(John Lennon on the cover). Of course, the photos are by Francis Wolff of Blue Note. Cheers,
Excellent -- and unusual - interview with RVG in Tape Op one or two issues back.