How are Soliloquy's in HT?

I've read many reviews on these speakers and many owners seem to be happy? On the HT side, how do they perform? The reason I ask is last week, I listened to the 6.5 and 5.3. On the music side, I had no complaints but something was missing when viewing a movie in HT? One thing I should mention, on the music side they were hooked to a marsh amp(A400), in HT they were hooked up to the Cary Cinema 5. Detail and dynamics just weren't there. It was hooked up to a AAD sub. Could it be the Sol center channel isn't up to par? Could it be the Sol's are good on the music side but not in HT?

I was hoping to listen to the 6.3 but they didn't not have any to listen to.


I have 6 Sat-5's for theater and it is awesome. I'm actually using 2 for the center. The sub is a 15 velodyne ULD-15 with 400 watt amp, Anthem AVM-2 pre/pro/tuner, HK signature 2.1 amp and Denon 2200 dvd. I wouldn't trade the soliloquys for anything. Also, since the sub is sooooo good, I went for the tiny Sat-5's since sonically they are quite similar to the larger models. Hey, my wife and commented on how nice the finish was!

They sound great. The price couldn't be beat. Contact if you want to check out pricing.
I Agree with Elevick ..I have owned the 6.3s .Those are killer for music or movies. Subs need not apply when these are your mains!
I have the C-3 center and the sat5s surround set up in my HT. I am waiting on the 5.3s. The center seems quite excellent to me, as do the surronds. Even without having the 5.3s yet, and still using boston acoustics for mains, the improvem,ent is dramatic in HT application even before much of a break in period. I dont think the c-3 is a weak center at all. My previous center was a paradigm CC series adn the surrounds were PSB Alpha SEs. The Paradigm is no match for C-3 Center.
Update; Got the 5.3s, C-3, and Sat5s all hooked up, and have put about 70 hours on the system total. All I can say is "wow!" The soliloquys are great for home theater, concert DVDs as well. Really happy. On the c-3 center;sound is better with the speaker about a foot from the back wall or more; initially I had it almost against a wall carpet and although the sound was good, giving the rear port some breathing room brings a whole new level of full sound from a center channel. 10 gauge 10 foot cobalt cables to the mains over the 16 gauge 25 foot radio shack speaker wires also made a fair amount of difference as well.
Awesome. How about a sub? Don't skimp.
I've been into 5.1 SACDs since going with soliloquy's.
By the way, I just spoke to the soliloquy office yesterday about a repair. They are great people.
I do have a sub; although if I had the Velodyne, I would have an eviction notice on my door. HAHA. Besides, I prefer to air dry my hair only. hehe. You had to repair a sat 5? What happened?
Elevick. How are you enjoying your Soliloquy SAt 5s HT? What was your repair issue? Any upgrades in the future?
I simply am amazed with my sat-5's. Since their woofers are tiny, a good sub is a must. You don't need a $2k Velodyne but a $400 Hsu would do just fine.
The repair was 2 damaged grilles in shipment-they were delivered factory direct. All I did was send the old grilles in and they replaced them quickly and very apologetically. I couldn't have asked for more.
If you are looking, contact Walter Liederman, who owns He gets awesome deals on Soliloquys since he's friendly with the company.
Lastly, for the first time ever, my wife made a nice comment on my speakers about how nice the finish is! She could care less about the sub but it makes a great little end table. I love a downfiring sub because it doesn't look like a sub and the kids can't poke the drivers.
If you are in Pittsburgh, give me a call to check it out.