How are Simaudio's surround processors?

Do the Simaudio Attraction 5.1 and 7.1, or stargate match up well with their two channel offerings.
The Attraction processors were using the EAD "brains" for the surround processing. Not sure if they still are since EAD is out of business. My understanding is the two channel setup in these units is Sim Audio's design.
I find its strange they do not have a Balanced Input, especially when their CDP's say in the manual they run best balanced.
You are right! There are very few surround processors that I know of that come with balanced inputs. You might be able to get it as an option. Probably because Sim Audio has a bypass circuit in their two channel preamps thus the reason to have no balanced on the processors.
Yes the lack of a balanced input really shortens the list.
Classe is one company with balanced inputs on many of their AV processors.