How are Rowland digital amps for Vandies

I'm looking for an amp with 100w/channel at around $1K. Would the Rowland 102 work with Vandersteen 2Ce's? Are there better choices?
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I'll find out and will let you know. G.
I have checkd with Rod Tomson at Soundings in Denver. he carries the Rowland 102 and is very familiar with the Vandersteen 2C speakers. As the 2C has a relatively high impedance of 7 Ohms and has a 1st order crossover with a recommended power handling between 60W and 160W, the 100W over 8 Ohms of the JRDG 102 stereo amplifier should work quite well.

BTW, the JRDG 102 is not a digital amp. Class D amps like the 102 are analog devices.

I have received confirmation from the JRDG factory that just short of being capable of delivering absolutely ear-splitting sound pressure levels, the JRDG 102 amp will do very well on the Vandersteen 2C speakers. G.
Thanks for your help Guido. I'm thinking this amay be my next amp.
The 102 is a wonderful amp, dead quiet and very smooth. I think the Vandies will work well. I have both a 102 and a C500. They share the same musical capability with the C500 only being able to deliver more bass and slam.
Thank you Delapole, here is a question for you, as you are experiencing 102 and C500 side by side in the same system. . . besides the obvious difference in power delivery, authority, etc. . . how does the 102 differ sonically from C500? In particular, what difference do you experience in low level information? . . . micro detail, micro dynamics, harmonic exposure, ambient cue, soundstage, imaging?