How are phono cables different (related to hum issue)?

Wrestling with frustrating humming for weeks on a new TT. Finally inserted the cheap stock phono cable, and the hum is nearly gone. Was using spendy phono cables bought separately prior. So what's the sitch here? Shielding? Cheaper = carrying less signal? I was using the ground wire with both (and tried without, twas worse). Glad the hum is gone, the sound is duller but removing the hum makes it almost worth it. Of course now I need the color back, but not the hum. 
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The problem is not so much the cables as the gain. The tremendous gain in a phono stage, from millivolts to volts, means any noise whatsoever is large relative to the weak cartridge signal. So the cable can be really well made, and one bit of oil or dust on the connector, any little thing, and you can get noise. Sometimes an incredible amount. I've heard radio station broadcasts you could make out the music! Then you touch something, poof! Gone. Sometimes never to return. Other times.... 

It may turn out that your "better" cable is indeed the culprit. I had one that had been used for years just fine develop a noise that took forever to track down to a weak solder joint inside the RCA plug. Unfortunately this is one of those things all you can do is try one thing after another until you either figure it out or give up and buy another cable.

I would start with what Keith Herron suggested to me, plain old alcohol on a clean cotton cloth. Because sometimes even contact cleaner/enhancers leave a film that can cause a problem.
Lack of shielding is a big thing in boutique interconnects. Not all, of course, but yes, that makes a big difference. This can add some capacitance, but with short runs and high impedance at the preamp this should be minimal.

Try out the DH Labs silver sonic line for a good shielded cable.
If you need it, you need it, but shielding closes down the sound.
Talked to the manuf of the spendy cables I bought. Told them the stock denon cable eliminated the hum. They're going to make me a 3rd pair, based on that info. The saga continues...thanks all for the commentary. 
I am interested to hear any updates.
Facepalm: turns out the hum was due to my MC cartridge’s. MM has (almost) no hum. Bought a Vincent phono pre to try also, in case it was the Schilt. Nope, there’s something funky with my house wiring, grounding or whatnot the MC picks up, apparently. The cable I have now btw is a Pangea phono cable. I was using Zu’s & returning them. Wish I had figured this out sooner. Even hired an electrician to come out and check my panel & grounding. All was normal. @finleyville

I had the same problem for a long time, and tried many different arrangements without any luck.

After reading many forum posts, I found a recommendation for Blue Jean Cables LC-1 interconnects and gave them a try. Low capacitance, and double braid shielding. No more hum, EMI, RFI, nada! No lack of air or detail in my system either, just great sound and no more annoyances.

I also don't need to use any grounding wires either.

$38.75 for a 3 foot pair on Amazon.
@robelvick thanks for the tip! I should pick me up a set. Amazing price. 
A phono cable shall have an additional GND wire with a spade, to connect to a screw on the Amp's side. Ordinary RCA to RCA may have the hum noise problem you say you have.
The extra GND wire is essential.