How are Mapleshade speaker cables?

I'm in the market for new speaker cables. Saw the ad for Mapleshade Golden Helix in their catalog and wondered if anyone had experience with them. I'm powering Vandersteen 2ci speakers with a PS Audio HCA-2, with a C-J PV14 pre. I currently have some old Audioquest F14 wire. My wire runs are long - 15 feet - so I can't break the bank with high cost wire. Can you foks share your knowledge? By the way, if it matters, I generally listen to rock. Thanks.
I have a set in my HT system but I'm afraid I can't help you with much of a subjective critique as the previous cable I was running was... well, crap.

However I can note that Mapleshade cable (especially given the price) made no glaring problems - it is very coherent and neutral.

I am running it on a very nice but limited monitor (Paradigm Atom Series 2) so your system will reveal more sound differences than mine would.

On the downside, the cable is stiff and can be a little difficult to work with - possibly a little fragile. It's designed for bare connection (no spades, bananas, etc).

Wish I had more for you.

Good Luck!
I have the Golden Helix and loved them for their open and tight pesentation and they are transparent enough. However they tend to be bright and fast and sometimes depending on the music quite bright.