How adjust volume in Zone 2 on Chiro C800??

If anybody who has or has had this unit can tell me how to work the Zone 2 for this older preamp, I'd appreciate it. I lost the manual and can't find one online. I tried various combinations on the remote and the front panel but didn't guess the correct combination.

Thanks, Richard
According to the Owner's manual you are required to have the C-2R, which was an optional credit card size remote control to activate Zone 2. In the manual it also states that Connecting to Second Zone, 1. The following optional equipment are needed for use with Zone 2 Operation:
a.Power Amp
c.Infrared remote repeater
d.Chiro C-2R remote control
It looks like from what I found in the manual that you have to have the C-2R to access Zone 2 usage.
I have a photo copy of the manual and can sell you a copy of it for $10.00. I can send it as a PDF file to you, or for a dollar more I can mail a hard copy. I would not usually charge for such things, but I had to search a long time to find one, and it was not free, and the price is much below what I had to give for the manual. I have collected three of the C800s, one in use and one backup, and one for parts. I use the unit in a two channel setup as a the preamp.